Sunday, December 4, 2011

Month in Review - November 2011

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November is done!  Hope you enjoyed it.  I sure did, even though it FLEW past.  With the end of another month it is time for another Month in Review.  Here are my personal favorite posts from what I saw out in the blogs this past month (as always, if you don't see your amazing post here, I probably just didn't see it.  I'm always on the lookout for good reads, but have limited time.).

Top Blog Posts:
  • The All-Fish Team -- Can you construct a lineup made up of fish-named players?  Night Owl can (and did).
  • The Spokesman Jersey Relic -- Do you really want to know where your relic came from?  GSNHOF will tell you.
The last one is not from a card blog, but it still totally fits.  Grantland (Bill Simmons / ESPN) posted their Halloween costume contest winner, and it was Billy Ripken.  Not just any Billy Ripken....but 1988 Fleer Billy Ripken!!! That's quite the costume.  I wonder how many people at his party understood it.  Maybe that guy should just wear that costume around The National....I bet he would get some card-groupies.  Are there card-groupies?  If so....he would get some.

Peace, love, and craziness.

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