Monday, December 12, 2011

Big Pile - Part 9 - Others and MYSTERY (oooooohhhhh.....)

Here's the end of the Big Pile.  We've got some "miscellaneous sports" that I have lumped into the "Others" category.  Sorry if any of you are big hockey fans....I don't buy those cards, I know nothing about it, and these cards have come from lots I've bought from other people.  So....not too much hockey.

We've got some car racing, golf, soccer, and a field hockey girl. 
O1 Rod Brind'Amour 1998-1999 Upper Deck Hockey 334
O2 Paul Coffey 1991-1992 Upper Deck Hockey 11 Canada Cup
O3 Tony Granato 1991 Pro Set Hockey 49
O4 Dale Hawerchuk 1995-1996 Emotion Hockey 147 "Rage"
O5 Petr Klima 1993-1994 Fleer Ultra Hockey 425
O6 Jocelyn Thibault 1995-1996 Emotion Hockey 43 "Icy"
O7 Jeff Sluman 2001 Upper Deck Golf 191 Tour Time
O8 Paul Lawrie 2001 Upper Deck Golf 41
O9 Geoff Bodine 2001 Super Shots NASCAR H1
O10 Robert Pressley 2001 Press Pass NASCAR 23
O11 Jorge Campos 1994 Upper Deck World Cup 14
O12 Christine Suggs 2006 SI for Kids 22 Field Hockey

What's this????? MYSTERY CARDS?!

Yes, in case there is absolutely nothing that you like in the regular piles, we have some "mystery" choices that you can pick.  One per person, please.  Just to warn you, these might be a little bit weirder than the regular cards, so keep that in mind.   Or it might be something good!  Who knows!?  Mystery cards will not be stealable, so once you pick's yours!!!

M1 ???
M2 ???
M3 ???
M4 ???
M5 ???
M6 ???
M7 ???
M8 ???
M9 ???
M10 ???

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