Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Victory in the Craigslist Free Section - Griffey and Nolan Ryan

Craigslist is a wild place.

It's main advantage is that it frictionlessly brokers any type of exchange that you can think of.  You can find any sort of trouble that you want there, but it also fosters the quick transfer of goods to people who want them from those who no longer have any desire to keep them.  Usually, there is some cash exchanged, but the best part of Craigslist is the FREE section.  Whenever someone is cleaning out a garage, moving, etc., they will find stuff they don't need but want someone else to have -- so they just post it for free.  No strings attached.   I just gave away my equipment for "Rock Band" on PS2 tonight, for example.

I have an alert set up on my local Craigslist so that all posts with "cards" in them get sent to my Google Reader (note to self, find some service OTHER than Google Reader to use after June).  Recently, one popped up in the free section as "Uncut Sheets of Cards."  I emailed the guy then hustled over there.  Here is what I came home with for a grand total of $0.

Here are two uncut sheets from 1991 Mother's Cookies.  The one on the left is a 4-card "Father and Son" set of Ken Griffey, Jr. and Ken Griffey, Sr.   On the right is the 4-card set called the "300 Wins Set" of Nolan Ryan.  The 4-cards are just printed over and over on these sheets. I guess that means I have 18 complete sets of each.  :-)

Here's a little blurb on them in the 2011 Standard Catalog.

Here's a close-up on the Griffey's.

So are you jealous yet?  There's no need to be.  I'm not keeping these.  As cool as they are, I'm probably not going to display these, frame them, or do anything productive with them.   Living with my family in a 2-bedroom apartment, I don't have a ton of extra room for stuff that is not in the heart of my collection.

So, would any of my fellow blog-people want these to do something with?  Griffey fansRangers fans?  Uncut sheet fans?  I'd let them go for the cost of shipping/packaging.  They are a thin cardstock, so they don't roll-up super tight.  I could try to get them into one of those big priority mail triangular tubes, maybe.  I wouldn't want to make them all curled/bent/jacked-up any more than is necessary.  Let me know if one or both of these is up your alley.

There is some damage on these, although they still look pretty good for being stuck in some guy's garage for 15 years. 

Tear along the side

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