Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bombs Away - #1 - Heroes

These have not been the best few weeks for has been nuts, and then I found out I have a kidney stone!  (Thanks, ER visit).  It's left little time for posting.  Luckily, I have some great stuff to post.

Like I mentioned in the last post -- I just got BOMBED by JBF.  He included 3-6 cards and a note in every envelope.  However, the stupid postman got them out-of-order.  I will do my best to recreate the series in order, and scan 1 (or more) cards from each envelope.

So without further's envelope #1.

Hello, JBF.

Those are some fancy low-numberings you've got there, Mr. Warner.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Where am I? Dresden?

That's a BOMBING.
Jaybarkerfan didn't let me off easy with the PWE's.  I think the mailman threw out his back carrying all these.
Contents upcoming... 

Friday, June 7, 2013

These Cards Are To Dye For

Back in April, I got a package from Colbey with my plunder from one of his "Affordable Group Breaks."  It had a bunch of Pacific Online, Pacific Paramount, and Topps Gold Label cards for the KC Royals.  He also threw in some extras for some stuff I had sent him.  These were a lot better than the usual throw-ins, though.

The first one was a 2001 SP Game Bat - Milestone Edition Auto/Relic of Jermaine Dye.  It had a LITTLE sliver of bat in it with a "KC" imprint, plus an auto.

2001 SP Game Bat - Auto Relic - Jermaine Dye - #S-JDy

The second one was another Jermaine Dye -- with more tiny stuff in it!  This one had two parts of a base. 

This one was a "Home Opener Souvenir" from the game on April 6, 2001 with two chunks of memorabilia -- one smooth and one textured.  There's a picture of the base!  That's way better than the current Topps disclaimer..."This memorabilia was not used in any specific game, event, competition, play, day, zoo, restaurant, bathroom, or submarine."  I think it goes like that.  Oh yeah, it was #'d /200.

So that's some good stuff, eh?  Thanks a bunch, Colbey!
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