Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Night Owl Mixtape

Better late than never??  Let's hope so.

The one-and-only Night Owl recently sent me a bubble-mailer (thank you!).  Does October count as "recently?"  I'm going to say yes and show you the goodies in it regardless of my belated response.

This was during the Playoffs, so Free Agency hadn't even begun, but Night Owl kicked off the package with this note:
Lorenzo Cain was expected to be on his way out the door.  Same with Moustakas, Vargas, Minor, Escobar, and Hosmer.  The Royals went hard after Hosmer, but the Padres went harder.  Somehow, we re-signed Moustakas!  Escobar too (for some reason?).  But of course, that note reminded me of this song:

So I figured, let's make this whole post a music post!  Every card I'm showing will get a music video.

I am still slowly working on this subset from 2013 Ginter.  The addition of Mercury is like the addition of Freddie Mercury!

 X-fractor-y David DeJesus just collided with...somebody. Was it Howie Day?

 A "sepia parallel" is just another name for Brown.  Like Zac Brown.

Night Owl threw in a good little stack of 1973 Topps Royals, including Mr. "Monty" Montgomery.  That's his real name.  Perhaps he should have been named "John Michael Montgomery" instead?  

Steve Busby threw not just one but two no-hitters for the Royals between 1973-1974.  That's why he was immortalized in lyrics by Wham!
"Wake me up before you go-go,
Busby just threw another no-no." 
Really.  Those are the lyrics. Trust me.

This card of Sluggerr features him wearing the Johnny Cueto dreadlocks from 2015.  Speaking of unexpected dreadlocks, here's P.O.D.!
This is a mini "black" parallel of Alex Gordon from Ginter, but these black parallels have so much white in them, I can't tell if they are black or white.

  What can I say about Salvy?  This Salvy is BLUE.

There we go - a song for every card.  Which card/song is your favorite?  Which songs would you have used for any of these cards?

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Stadium Club - Luminous Triumvirate

I have two brothers-in-law who also collect cards.  I mentioned one in my last post about Black Friday.  The other one lives a little farther away, but he has a nice collection of graded Cal Ripken, Jr. cards and lower-grade tobacco cards (T206s, etc.).  About a month ago, his mother (my mother-in-law) asked me to help her pick out some small presents for him, so we went on COMC and found some newer serial-numbered Ripkens that I knew he didn't have.  Since she was placing an order anyway, the shipping would be free for me if I snuck a few cards onto her order.

The picture at the top is from 2016 Stadium Club - These are the Luminous Triumvirate cards.  Each of these is Die-Cut, but then when you put them together they become a larger picture.  These are all chromed-out and look great in-person. I've had my eyes on these ever since they came out and felt this was the right time to pull the trigger.  I spent WAY too much on the Salvy, but he's the middle-card in the triptych and was the last one available on COMC.  I don't regret it.  :-)  LoCain, Salvy, and K-Mo were all integral pieces in our 2015 World Series Championship.

The picture below shows the triumvirate from 2015 Stadium Club -- Salvy once again serves as the hub, Hosmer is on the left, and the right is covered by ??  Oh no!  I'm still missing one of these guys! 

The card in question is T-8C - Alex Gordon from 2015 Stadium Club.  It was not for-sale on COMC at the time of my order, but it looks like there is a listing for one now.  If any of you have one for trade, please let me know. 

They didn't make these in 2017, but I think these are a GREAT concept for Topps to continue implementing.  Die cuts are awesome, anyway, but then when you have 3 to chase, it adds that much more of a treasure-hunting aspect to it.  The task is hard, but not impossible.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Black Friday Shopping and Other Men's Wives

All the big online sites had tons of doorbuster deals on hobby boxes for Black Friday...and I didn't buy from any of them.

Instead, I hit up a LCS with my brother-in-law while we each left our children with Grandma.

The LCS in question was MVP Sports Cards in Laguna Hills, CA.  This is a small shop, but they had some good stuff.  My BIL came out of there with a 1968 Mickey Mantle and a 1973 Nolan Ryan.  Needless to say, he spent a little more money than I did.  :-)  But all my digging yielded some great stuff to add to my collection.

I have felt like I need to focus my Royals collecting a little more to make sure that I have team sets of all the major releases in team history (starting in 1969).  This focus helped me pick up 12 cards for the 1969 Topps team set that I still needed.  Here are my 6 favorites -- Joe Keough can't decide on a bat (the Paradox of Choice) while Dave Wickersham is just happy to be here.  I still need #619 and #662 to finish that one off.

I added some oddballs of #5.


Bo knows Classic.

Out of the dollar-bin I pulled this 1969 Deckle Edge (#22) of Joe Foy.  Foy was the only Royal in this set during KC's inaugural season.  He's not quite as notable a name as some of the other players on the checklist (Clemente, Carew, Aparicio, Gibson, McCovey, Mays), but I think it's a beautiful card and I was lucky to find it.

 The cards above were all Royals, but let us not forget my affinity for "Randoms," too.  This bad boy caught my eye as I was pawing through some cheaper autographs and he had to go in my pile.

Autographed.  Mascot.  Oddball.  I headed to Google to find out who the Phoenix Firebirds were.  Apparently they were the AAA team for the Giants in the early '90s, but left when the Diamondbacks arrived to become the Tucson Sidewinders (D-Backs AAA Team).  This lead the Tucson Toros to move and become the Fresno Grizzlies.  Mr. Phineas T. Firebird had a few other cards made of him before he rose from the ashes and skipped town.  This one is autographed by a real purple bird, so I'm sure it's worth serious coin.

That's the end of the cards, but I had one other thing that I noticed in this LCS.  The staff here were super-friendly and helpful at letting me know what they had, what was on special, and pulling out boxes from the back for me to look at. It was also pretty obvious that "the staff" were a husband-and-wife team who own the shop.  This is the 3rd shop I have been to with a husband-and-wife running the place (see Valley Sports Cards and Pal's, too), and those shops have always felt more welcoming than the shops I visit who are just run by one guy.  I think the feminine influence helps a lot.  The "lone wolf" shop owners need to get hitched ASAP!  Has anyone else noticed this effect in their LCS?


Thursday, November 30, 2017

This Post Is Immaculate

The best-looking product this year that I have seen was Panini Immaculate.  It came out in the summer and people immediately started pulling out some amazing cards from it (that Brett went for $460).  There were quite a few case breaks happening for it, but the prices for a slot were going for more than I wanted to pay, and I just kept getting outbid on them.  Instead, I decided to take the money that would have gone for a slot in the case break and just pick up a few singles on Ebay...creating my own cheaper break.  I watched several breaks that I had bid on (and lost), and there were no Royals cards in there that were better than these (and about half of them were shutouts for the Royals), so I don't feel like I missed out on them. 

The card at the top was a great value -- Raul Mondesi /99 - Immaculate Materials - 5 swatches.  The fabric is blurry in the scan since it is so thick.  The Royals have rushed Mondesi before...hopefully they are patient with him and he will develop into a solid player.

The second card I picked up was Alex Gordon /99 - Immaculate Duals.   It shows the Alex Gordon low exemplified here

While I was on the site, I looked for any other cool, cheap Royals cards I could snag.  The first card I picked up was this "Zebra" from 2016 Donruss.  I believe they called these "Holoflow" parallels.  They are numbered /199 and are very shiny/refractory (you can pick that up in the bottom of the scan).  LoCain is showing a little of his "lean-back" follow-through on this beauty.  

Another quick pick-up was this Danny Duffy 2017 Chrome in the 1987 Topps style.  It was free shipping and the seller likely had a negative profit on this one.   It's a beautiful glossy card and I'm glad to have it.

All in all, these cards cost me WAY less than a case-break slot would have, and I am pleased with what I got. 

If you are looking for what's still available from that set, you can check COMC or the 'Bay.

What is your favorite Panini Immaculate card that you have seen?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bountiful Bonus Booty Bestowed by Benevolent Blogger

Who is the Benevolent Blogger?  Why, Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits, of course!

Matt ran a contest last summer to see who could identify a player that he had selected, based on a series of clues that were increasingly specific.  When all was said and done, I narrowed down the answer to just a few players, then finally down to one - Wilson Ramos!  That qualified me for a prize, and when the randomizer was done spinning, I came out of it with a whole lot of 2017 Ginter cards!  Knowing his affinity for Ginter cards, I figured it would be something good.  It was.  :-)

Here you can see the box that hit my mailbox.

To be specific, that box had a full base set of 2017 Ginter (Cards 1-300), and then half of the short-prints (301-350).  1987 Topps (favorite set!) were used as filler.  No respect for the classics!  :-)

Here's the full team set of 2017 Royals (non-SP). 

He also included one SP (LoCain), and a mini of Hosmer and black mini of LoCain.  

It didn't seem like the Ginter base set had as many interesting non-baseball cards in it as it has in past years, but there were still a few good ones.  All of the cards in the next two pictures are other cards from the base set that I wanted to keep. 4 Ex-Royals (Kendrys, Manaea, Zobrist, Cueto), guys from my earlier days (Canseco, Smith, Banks, Johnson, Dawson), Random current guys I like (Ichiro, Werth, Wilson Ramos(!), then the miscellaneous ones.  Vashti Cunningham and Laurie Hernandez were Olympians.  I watched a Crossfit documentary on Netflix and Ben Smith was the winner of that (Spoiler!).  There was no "Revolving Door" or "X-Ray" card in this set, so a Panda and a Waterfall will have to fill that gap. 

As I mentioned, there were also half of the Short-Prints from this set.  Those are shown below and are all available (except for Lorenzo) since they don't fit my PC.  If anyone still is working on this set and needs one of these, let me know and I can get that to you.  I have a lot of base to trade/give, too.

I really only need one more full-size base card from this set -
Base SP #313 - Matt Strahm. 

Do any of you have that one for me?

Thanks so much, Matt!  You might be wondering why it took me 3 months to post this.  Well....this package hit my mailbox the same week my wife gave birth to our daughter.  Between her and my two older boys, I've had limited card-blogging time since then.  But these were all much appreciated and will be given a good home!  

Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Wife - The Prognosticator

Before the playoffs began, everyone in my family filled out a bracket with their postseason predictions (motto:  "Bracketology:  It's not just for March Madness anymore!").  That paper you see in the picture above is my wife's bracket.  She got every series right except for the Indians/Yankees series.  Next year I am going to take her to Vegas and we are going to get rich.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Four Packs To Be Named Later

I recently did a four-pack series of 2017 NFL retail football cards for A Pack To Be Named Later.  You can see them all at the links below.

In order of my personal preference:
2017 Score Football
2017 Donruss Football
2017 Panini Prestige Football
2017 Panini Football
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