Thursday, June 25, 2020

I've got cards coming out the wazoo!

*If cards continue out the wazoo for more than four hours, please consult your physician.

But seriously, people out there have been really generous lately. Like, shockingly generous (if that is possible).  Stuff is just showing up out of nowhere.  I needed to acknowledge them and figured I would combine them into a mega-generosity post (as is the style of the time). 

First cards up, Jon from Pennysleeves hit me up with these two -- I had requested the Stenerud from him, but he knew of my collection of (and affection for) Korver and tossed in the Prizm parallel.  Mega props to Jon!

Next up is Madding from Cards on Cards.  He had offered up spots in his recent break of "Topps of the Class", and I was happy to get the Ryan O'Hearn from that set.  However, his envelope included several other awesome (and shiny!) Royals cards for me.  Merci!

Third up is a completely unexpected envelope from an awesome guy on TDCB, avsbruins65.  He sent me a FAT PWE and inside was a nice letter thanking me for being part of the card community and a whole bunch of Random cards from my wantlist -- a full page, double-sided.  I loved all of these, but I'd have to say my favorites were Buck O'Neil and the Tim Blackwell minor league manager card.  That is a mustache for the ages, ladies and gentlemen.  Major thanks to avsbruins65 for his kind words and generosity.

I also have a page of scanned pictures (space cards, Salvador Perez, MLK) that were sent to me some time ago that I intended to turn into a post, then never did.  I think they might have been from Night Owl or Colbey, but I honestly can't remember.  Sorry. Thank you to whoever it was.  The coronatide months have not been great for me -- my work this spring was more stressful than it has ever been in my 10+ years at my company.  Luckily, the worst of that is over and I am starting a new job in two weeks.  Hopefully my energy for blogging and card trades will improve from here on out.

For those still reading this, and not just scanning through for pretty pictures, here's a little easter egg for you.  The rest of the cards below here in the post are up for grabs.  A true pile of randoms.  It's free stuff Thursday (yes, that's a thing).  Claim in the comments.  I will send these out as PWE, so please email me your address if you make a claim.  I'll set the max at six cards apiece (or four cards + one jersey) just so I know they'll travel on one stamp. Hopefully there is something in this stack you need.   I still owe some of you cards I've promised, and I'm working on those, too.  So long, until we meet again!

Friday, January 31, 2020

Jason Giambi

Jason Giambi

He's really cleaned himself up since his days with the A's.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

This Klutz Has Utz

Utz is a Pennsylvania-based snack company.  I have no idea what their stuff tastes like (do any of you?), but I hope they stay in business because they have the only Food-Issue card set this year

Now, I didn't think I would be seeing these in stores on the West Coast, so I had to find another way to get my hands on some of these.  Luckily, I found another trader on TCDB who had two Royals that I needed.  We were able to work out a slightly bigger trade (I sent him a few Ginter SPs and base) and these arrived in my mailbox.  I love them!  Food oddballs are the best oddballs!

He has a lot more, if you still need some of these.  I am still looking for the Whit Merrifield (#7) and Ryan O'Hearn (#99) cards if anyone happens to have those available. 

Question:  What food or drink company would you most like to see issue a set of branded baseball cards?  What I wouldn't give for a set of In-N-Out Burger cards...

Friday, June 7, 2019

Dennis Leonard

This showed up in my mailbox yesterday via a PWE trade on the TCDB.  And all it cost me was a few recent Topps cards and a stamp!

Career Stats on these guys:
Pat Darcy: 0 WAR
Hank Webb:  0 WAR
Tom Underwood: 10 WAR
Dennis Leonard:  25 WAR (and he had the best mustache, to boot!)

It was nice to add Dennis Leonard's rookie card to my Royals collection.  I don't think he is remembered much outside of Kansas City fans, but he played 12 seasons between 1974-1986, all with KC.  He is the team's all-time leader in Complete Games and is a member of the "Royals Hall of Fame".

He doesn't get much love in the hobby, either -- there have not been any new cards of him since a 2007 Stadium Giveaway set.  He's the perfect guy for a set like Hometown Heroes, and I hope he gets included in any future iterations of that. 

Does anyone else out there remember Dennis Leonard?

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Gold Screws, Gold Borders, Gold Tebow

I have been doing almost all of my trading lately on the Trading Card Database.  With my limited time and trading inventory now, I've got to be a little more surgical in what I am giving and getting in any deal.  Ideally, I would dump stuff I didn't care about to get something I REALLY wanted.  That sort of deal recently presented itself with user hafengr.  He wanted around 100 base cards from 2013 Topps Football, and I had my eye on a Tim Tebow rookie card -- but not just any card, the GOLD parallel card.  Sure, there are 2,000 of these out there, but that didn't make any of them particularly cheap to get

I sent first, and nearly sent his cards to his local cemetery.  If someone's address is "48B Main Street", don't send his cards to "488 Main Street", OK?  Just don't.  Luckily my postman alerted me that 488 wasn't a valid address so I double-checked it at the PO counter and borrowed his Sharpie to fix it. Otherwise all my football cards would be sitting there amongst the headstones.

Once his side showed up, I though the envelope felt a little heavy for just one card (and wondered why he put it in a bubble mailer instead of a top-loader + PWE.  When I opened it, the item above dropped out.  Not only was it the gold-bordered parallel, but it was in a gold Screwdown holder with gold screws!  I have never seen a card so well-coordinated with it's surroundings.  I had no idea there were different colors available besides clear and black, but I gotta admit I like the look on it and will probably leave it in there for now until I have a good reason to pull it out of there.

Do any of you guys have any colored screw-down holders?  Pics or it didn't happen.  :-)

Friday, March 8, 2019

Trivia Question - Bowman

This picture shows cards #156 and #157 from 2003 Bowman.  Why are these cards significant?

The first correct answer wins: the satisfaction of a job well done! 😁

Bonus points: Post a link to another card that follows similar logic.
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