Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Baskets

Happy Easter!  We went to church tonight to help reduce the over-crowding usually experienced on Easter-day services.  But that doesn't mean we won't be celebrating in the morning!

One way of celebrating:  My wife prepped Easter baskets for each of my little boys...but I had to add a little something to each of theirs to really make it great. :-)  #CardIndoctrination

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Foolish Decision Pays Off

To get a particular card for your collection quickly,  you really should just find it online and click buy-it-now.

It's never smart to buy packs looking for one particular card.  The vast majority of the time you end up several dollars poorer and holding a stack of cards you don't want.  Plus, there are probably Giants and Cardinals in that stack (ewwww....).

There are still blasters of 2015 Topps Series Two floating around out there in retail-world, and they each contain one of the "First Home Run" medallion manu-relics.  I was at Target with my son, and we were looking for something fun to bust together.  The side panel of the blaster box had the checklist for the medallion cards, and there were THREE Royals on there.   Alex Gordon, Bo Jackson, and Carlos Beltran -- A, B, and C.  Getting a "Gordo" would be ideal, but any of them would be great to pull from the box.

I put the Series Two blaster and a Fairfield Repack -- the six-year-old LOVES Panini Triple Play -- into the cart and we headed home.

The first thing we opened was the Blaster.  The guaranteed hit comes in its own opaque wrapper.  We cracked it open, and found this:
2015 Topps - First Home Run Relic - Alex Gordon
There was lots of screaming and giggling between us.  I won't say who giggled more.

So there you have it -- sometimes a foolish decision turns out to be the right one.  :-)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Christie Brinkley...

...Irradiating your balls since 1996.
1996 Pinnacle Christie Brinkley Collection #8 - Marquis Grissom

And she looks so happy about doing it to poor Marquis!

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