Friday, December 7, 2018

CONTEST: Baseball Sheep 2018


In 2014 I ran a little contest called "Baseball Sheep" - we got 34 entrants, answered some fun questions, gave out some prizes, and had ourselves a ball.  LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!

How to play:
I have created this form ( which has 20 baseball and baseball card-themed questions.  (Click on it now to see the questions.) There are no right or wrong answers.  However, your goal is to put down the answer that you think will be the most-common answer to that question -- it is not necessarily how you would answer it yourself.  Think of it like the baseball version of "Family Feud."  Don't be too original!  Don't be too wacky!  Remember, you are but a simple-minded sheep who follows the rest of the mindless flock (who also happens to like cards and read blogs).  

How to win:
Once all of the entries are in, I will tally the answers for each question.  You will receive the number of points equal to the number of people who shared your answer on a given question.  For example, if I said "What is a team in the AL East?", and the responses were (Yankees - 12, Red Sox - 7, Orioles - 1), then each person who said Yankees (the biggest sheep) would receive 12, the Red Sox respondents would receive 7, and the one guy who said Orioles would just get the single point for himself.  I will sum up the score for each of the 20 questions -- HIGHEST SCORE WINS.

I will accept responses until 11:00 PM Pacific on Sunday, December 16th.  After that I will tally the scores and make a post about it.

1) I will have a prize for the 1st-place finisher...likely some '70s-era vintage, or modern-era relic cards, or MLB Showdown cards, or a bubble-mailer full of the winner's favorite team, or something from their want-list (if I have it), or a combination of all of these.. 

2) There will also be a similar prize for one of the game entrants drawn at random from all the entries -- so even if you are a big loser with your responses, you still can win!  If you promote this contest on your blog or twitter (post a link in the comments), I will include an extra entry for you in that second-chance drawing.  

I would love to see us have 40 (or more!) entrants in this contest, and I can't wait to see what all the answers are!

So make sure you fill out this form ASAP!  Who's in?

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

2018 Post Grape-Nuts MLS Soccer Cards

I hadn't seen these mentioned on the blogs yet, so I figured I'd post about it. My wife tossed me this box after she had finished her cereal.  The back of Grape-Nuts (or "grape-nuts" as it is now styled) contains four MLS soccer cards.  This particular one had Jozy Altidore, Graham Zusi, Bradley Wright-Philips, and Miguel Almiron.  I believe there are four different panels to collect.

It's nice to see more food-issued cards whenever we can get them -- I loved the Marketside Pizza offering a few years back -- so glad to see Post doing the MLS cards.  Heard a rumor they would be doing hockey cards, too. 

Finally, since I am not a soccer guy, does anybody need these?

Friday, October 5, 2018

I'm a White Guy

2014 Panini Immaculate - Frank White Autograph - #/99

I must admit, I'm a "White Guy".

Now, that's not saying anything about the pigments of my epidermis, but rather, my fandom for Royals legend Frank White.

The man won eight Gold Gloves, and got immortalized in this Bobblehead for it:


But still, he doesn't show up much in trading card releases since his retirement...let alone have many autographs or relic cards.  The last Topps product he was in was 2013 Archives.  However, Panini has done a little bit better job with Frank -- including him in 2013 Hometown Heroes, 2013 America's Pastime, and 2014 Immaculate.  Apparently he had a low-numbered card (#/3) in a repack product called "2017 Leaf Greatest Hits", but I have never seen that one.  The only relic card I have of his is 2002 Topps Gold Label. 

But going back to the card at the top of this post, that is an on-card autograph from 2014 Panini Immaculate that arrived at my door yesterday, and it only cost me $1.75 total.

How?  Last week Ebay released a short-term coupon code ("PERKMEUP") for $5.00 off of any purchase of $5.01 or more. (**Hat-Tip to The Lost Collector and $30/Week Habit for posting/liking this code on Twitter so that I saw it.) I had been watching the White auto for awhile, but wasn't willing to pull the trigger for $7.  However, I could do it for less than $2!!  

It is numbered 30/99, signed in blue pen which goes with the uniform, and is a great addition to my Royals collection.  I would have to say that collectively the Immaculate line is probably my favorite product out there in the last several years, so getting any more Royals from there is awesome.

Did anyone else use the PERKMEUP code or score any crazy deals lately?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Blue Chicken and Some Sparkly Suits

Back in late July I made a purchase from "Erik's Fire Sales" on Twitter (@EriksFire)...well it was really a large quantity of very small purchases.  He was posting tons of cards for sale, and you could claim whatever you wanted.  Here are the highlights for my addition to these, I grabbed some cards for the PCs of my frequent-traders.

Obviously, my stack would always start with Royals.  I love the red Guthrie, the green Holland, the Black Gold Montgomery, and an assortment of unusual Salvys.

Here are some Basketball Coaches.  This is a VERY minor, back-burner PC of mine, but I grab them when I can.  However, I've got to say something about the Panini photo selection this the best you can do??  Coaches just standing there - arms crossed or hands on hips?  Do these guys actually DO anything?  Can I get a pointing and a screaming coach, please?

On the plus side, it's not every day you get an X-Fractor of a guy in a suit.

 I grabbed a few football cards:
  1. Kurt Warner - my favorite player ever.
  2. David Johnson - another UNI alum and prime contributor to my Fantasy Football success in 2016, so I have a small PC of him.
  3. Alan Page - Just in case anyone doesn't know his story, the guy had a Hall of Fame football career, got his law degree while he was still in the NFL from the University of Minnesota, and THEN became a member of the Minnesota Supreme Court.  What a life!  
Brush with Greatness:  When I offered to pay my dime for the Alan Page card....his wife liked my Tweet.  :-)

This blog is called "Royals and Randoms" for a reason...I do like my oddballs. The chicken is a blue parallel and my sons are trying to get me to trade it to them.  I like that I am developing two oddball collectors.

His prices were quite reasonable...I don't think anything you will see here was more than 50 cents --  the Luminescent die-cut was the most expensive.  He hasn't run a sale in the last month or so, but he's definitely worth following on Twitter for some good cheap pickups next time he runs a sale.

Which of these cards was your favorite?

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

More Than One Penny Sleeve

Longtime blogger (and new Twitter Buddy) Jon from A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts went on a generosity streak after finding a ton of Topps Buybacks for sale.  He asked me if I wanted some.  Of course I do!

His mailer arrived with these six "REDISCOVER TOPPS" stamped buybacks.  I love the 1987 Topps set anyway, so getting new versions for these are great!  Especially Willie Wilson.  The cards on the top are all silver-stamped, while the three on the bottom are bronze-stamped.  

However, that was not all that was in the package - Jon included two unexpected manu-relics, also!

The Jackie Robinson buyback is beautiful, contrasting the blue in the Royals uniform to the blue in the medallion.  Moose's 1st Home Run is my second one of these relics -- the first was Alex Gordon.

Thank you, Jon!  These are much appreciated and will find a great home!


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Top 10 Countdown - Cards I Won't Throw Out

I recently got a stuffed mailer from JP at Cards My Mom Didn't Throw Out.  If you have Diamondbacks cards to spare (especially Steve Finley, Paul Goldschmidt, and Luis Gonzalez) make sure you drop him a line and get a trade going! 

Anyway, 4 full team bags later, I pulled out some favorites to show off here (in descending order).

Honorable Mention:  The Absolute Memorabilia Sweeney shown above.  Any new Sweeney will make me a happy camper.  However, there were even BETTER Sweeneys in this very package, so keep your eyes peeled.

#10) I already have this Bo Jackson card, but it's the "Grand Slammers" version of 1990 Donruss, showing Bo ready to crush one. 

#9)  Just an unassuming Kevin Seitzer, right?  Non!  It is the O-Pee-Chee version. 

#8)  I sent CMMDTO a few Goldschmidt "Chipz", and he returned the favor with a Salvy chip I didn't have! 

#7)  Gil Meche -- the only guy who would retire and forego $11 million on the last year of his contract because he didn't feel like he had earned it.

#6)  I don't know if any non-Royals-fans remember Mark Teahen, but he was a bit of a fan favorite during the lean years.  Which "lean years" am I talking about (there were so many)?  He was worth 6.0 WAR between 2006 and 2007, but never had another good season in the majors after that, despite hanging around in MLB through 2011.  Here's a chrome Bowman of his.  Maybe he has some of these on display in the new wine bar that he owns in Arizona. 

#5) An auto of Royals farmhand Nolan Watson...originally was a high draft pick, but has not progressed much.  He's was recently promoted to High-A Ball at the end of June.

#4)  Just a cool-looking Mondesi here. 

#3)  I can't believe a Sweeney memorabilia card only made it to #3, but that's how the cookie crumbles sometime.  This "Leather and Lumber" Sweeney is numbered only to 100.  When I pulled it from the package I thought I already had it since it looked so familiar.  But upon checking, what I actually had was the base version with no jersey swatch

#2)  The penultimate card is a 2016 Chrome prism refractor of Lo Cain with a very prominent Russell Martin.  Wonder what makes this play special?  Oh, it was only Cain scoring from 1st on a single in the Playoffs.  The Royals coaches KNEW that Bautista would sometimes throw to 2nd on a play like this, so they were ready for it when it actually happened. 

#1)  And, the #1 card in this countdown is....

So graceful.  It's like a ballet..."Sweeney Lake," perhaps?  👦

And with that, I extend one final "Thank you" for all these cards.  Much appreciated!!!

Did any of you have a favorite out of these cards?  Did I get the order wrong?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The OdieGoat

3 months with no posts?!?!  Well, I'm here now!

I have spent most of my card-time in the last few months cataloging my collection over at Trading Card Database after the Zistle collapse, and have almost all of my Royals cards entered over there.  Once that is done I will have a rather comprehensive want-list there that I can use to make trades with the active trading members over there. 

The other avenue that I have been exploring (besides blogging) is Twitter.  See, is blocked at my office, but Twitter is not.  :-)  I am there @DenHartogJ, but I don't tweet much...mostly I use it to look at other people's cards and listen to people whine about the Royals. 

However, one interesting thing that happens there is a "Flash Sale" or "Fire Sale" where someone will post a bunch of cards with a price for each one, and you can claim whatever you want - first come, first served.  One member I have bought from on several occasions is @odiegoat, who hosts his "Odie Sales" every month or so. Last week I bought a few cards from him for both myself and some of my trading partners.  These are my favorite keepers from my haul:

This Bo Jackson is from 2018, and since I have been buying NO new product, this was a great one to pick up.
2018 Topps - Bo Jackson 1983 Topps
 Johnny Cueto -- Put that shimmy in the windup, big boy!   This is a "Prism Refractor" which looks great in-hand.  Cueto's complete-game victory in the 2015 World Series will live on in Royals lore for ages, and keeps him in my good graces even if he did sign with the despised Giants.
Topps Chrome - Johnny Cueto Prism Refractor
 And the main reason I bought cards from The OdieGoat this time was this George Brett:
2017 Topps Silver Pack - George Brett
My favorite player on my favorite Topps card design?  And it's shiny?  YES PLEASE.  This is from the 2017 Silver Packs that came with Topps Hobby Box purchases.  I paid more than I should have for it, but didn't want to risk missing out on this one!  It was still under the price of one retail pack of Ginter or Gypsy Queen. 

There were some other cards too, but those will be finding their way into mailboxes over the next few months. 

While I'm on the topic of flash sales, the other guy that you should follow is @EriksFire.  His prices can't be beat, and he reduces the price on unsold merchandise until it goes.  So a 50-cent card will become 25-30 cents, then 10-15 cents over time.  It's like a virtual dimebox, and he lets you accumulate a stack and just pay/ship once a month. 

That's all for now - Do you have a Twitter handle?  And who are your favorite card-sellers or card-related accounts on there?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Night Owl Mixtape

Better late than never??  Let's hope so.

The one-and-only Night Owl recently sent me a bubble-mailer (thank you!).  Does October count as "recently?"  I'm going to say yes and show you the goodies in it regardless of my belated response.

This was during the Playoffs, so Free Agency hadn't even begun, but Night Owl kicked off the package with this note:
Lorenzo Cain was expected to be on his way out the door.  Same with Moustakas, Vargas, Minor, Escobar, and Hosmer.  The Royals went hard after Hosmer, but the Padres went harder.  Somehow, we re-signed Moustakas!  Escobar too (for some reason?).  But of course, that note reminded me of this song:

So I figured, let's make this whole post a music post!  Every card I'm showing will get a music video.

I am still slowly working on this subset from 2013 Ginter.  The addition of Mercury is like the addition of Freddie Mercury!

 X-fractor-y David DeJesus just collided with...somebody. Was it Howie Day?

 A "sepia parallel" is just another name for Brown.  Like Zac Brown.

Night Owl threw in a good little stack of 1973 Topps Royals, including Mr. "Monty" Montgomery.  That's his real name.  Perhaps he should have been named "John Michael Montgomery" instead?  

Steve Busby threw not just one but two no-hitters for the Royals between 1973-1974.  That's why he was immortalized in lyrics by Wham!
"Wake me up before you go-go,
Busby just threw another no-no." 
Really.  Those are the lyrics. Trust me.

This card of Sluggerr features him wearing the Johnny Cueto dreadlocks from 2015.  Speaking of unexpected dreadlocks, here's P.O.D.!
This is a mini "black" parallel of Alex Gordon from Ginter, but these black parallels have so much white in them, I can't tell if they are black or white.

  What can I say about Salvy?  This Salvy is BLUE.

There we go - a song for every card.  Which card/song is your favorite?  Which songs would you have used for any of these cards?

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