Sunday, January 19, 2014

Do Yu like this retail hit?

It's winter, I have a preschooler, so it is expected that we will all be sick around here (we are).  On a trip to Rite-Aid last night, I was buying a bunch of stuff for the family -- Baby Tylenol for the infant, toothpaste for the 4-year-old, and unmentionables for the wife.  As I was heading to checkout, I said, let me see if there is anything I should get for myself. 

This Rite-Aid does not have a card aisle.  It has a "card section" which consists of whatever will fit on 4 little hangers below the Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  Right now that is 2013 Topps Update baseball and various Panini football rack packs.  I'm not much of an impulse purchaser, but I saw the 2013 Topps Update and figured that splurging on a $2 pack would be fun.  Maybe I'd get a Royal!  I didn't have any of the 2013 Update yet, so no dupes...

I grabbed it, checked out, took it home, treated the kiddo, then settled down to see if I got anything good.

First - Chris Getz -- a Royal! casualty of the offseason priorities.

Then, I noticed that the remaining stack felt thick and fairly firm.  What's that in here????

2013 Topps Update - Yu Darvish - All-Star Stiches Relic Card

 That's surprising!   So I guess I made the right choice on that pack.  :-)  This is only the 2nd-time I have ever pulled a retail hit, and my first time from a Topps product.  It's got good colors, and even though I don't collect the Rangers, I think I'm gonna keep it as a reminder to always be selfish when at the store....errr......rather as a reminder of my good fortune.   

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