Tuesday, February 28, 2017

20,000 Cards - Box 1, Layer 3

1)  Thank you for all of the interest in this series and comments on it!  These posts are taking a while to put together, so those give me some motivation to keep it going.  I have 2 more layers of Box 1 to post (including this one). 

2)  Please continue to note anything that you want, especially if you have any team/player requests for football or basketball.  I am starting to hit some of those cards and have nothing to do with most of them at this point.

That being said...here comes Box 1, Layer 3!

Starting Lineups continue to be well-represented in this first box.  16 more of them here.  I hope this guy still has all of these figurines on a shelf in his bedroom.  Maybe I will text him back and ask him?  :-)  Looks like he had a penchant for running backs...

There were a few Team USA women's Stadium Club cards:

President #39 Habitating for Humanity:

Baseball Randomness:
1) Cards with Kids
2) A nice Ichiro insert.  I suspect they developed this whole subset to give him another insert card.
3) That's not where the glove goes, Barry.
4)  Flair Giants Rookie...#'d.
5)  Another program for Night Owl
6)  Food Issue: Ritz/Oreo "Red" Derek Jeter
7)  This card is Swell!
8)  Glavine with rotational symmetry
9)  Young, Dodger-y Konerko

A few football cards of note:
1) This card is beautiful in person.  It's lenticular, die-cut, and heavy.  That's a keeper.
2) This Johnnie Morton has a VERY faint watermark irl, but the scanner makes it look like Morton is Hester Prynne.  1 of 499 (not SN#'d) -- It's from the 1996 Anaheim National.  Wish they would bring the show back out here! (side note:  "Devin Hester Prynne" might have to be my new Fantasy Football name if I decide to change from "Orange Julius Peppers.")
3)  Another scanner fail...this is a refractor-y Faulk.
4)  Hmmm.....what's this?  Looks OLD.  No date on the back.  Googling....  It's a 1969!  New record for the "vintagest" card so far, beating out 1981 Ron Cey by a full decade-plus.

Underneath the Roy Hilton, I pulled these three cards:

Huh??  What set is this?  These look old, too.  Must research...
Here's the backs.
So they are 1968s because of the copyright, right?  NOPE.
This set is called "1970 Fleer Laughlin World Series", as the artwork was done by Robert Laughlin originally for a self-published set in 1968, which he revised in color for Fleer to sell in 1970.  So Roy Hilton is still the elder statesman for this box.  Now I have three 1970s, too.  Those are for trade if anyone needs them.

Also in this box I picked up the last LEGO basketball card I needed, another Hawaii baseball player, a couple Barry Larkins and Cal Ripkens for folks who requested them, and a whole mess of 1990 Topps and other junk wax which I have spared you the agony of looking at.  For the aforementioned football and  basketball, I have big stacks of 1999-2000 Topps Basketball and 2001 Football (Fleer Focus, UD Legends).

Here's all the sets (with material memberships) that came in this 3rd level of the box -- 1,200 cards in this one!
Sport Set # of Cards
Basketball 1999-2000 Topps 88
Baseball 2004 Cracker Jack  55
Baseball 2004 Topps 42
Baseball 2002 Flair  37
Football Misc. Football 31
Basketball Misc. Basketball 29
Football 2001 Upper Deck NFL Legends 28
Football 2001 Fleer Focus Football 27
Baseball 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends 25
Baseball 1990 Upper Deck 24
Baseball 1989 Upper Deck 24
Multi-Sport Starting Lineup 17
Baseball 2004 Donruss Classics 17
Basketball 1999-2000 Fleer Focus 17
Baseball 1998 Fleer Ultra 13
Baseball 2003 Fleer Showcase 13
Baseball 2002 Leaf Certified 13
Baseball 1994 Upper Deck 12
Baseball 1999 Fleer Metal Universe 12
Baseball 2003 Fleer Patchworks 10
Baseball 2000 Topps 10
Baseball 2003 Topps 9
Baseball 1999 Skybox Metal 9
Baseball 1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice 7
Baseball 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man 7
Baseball 1999 Topps 6
Baseball 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic 4
Baseball Barry Larkin 3
Baseball 1998 Skybox Thunder 2
Baseball 2004 University of Hawaii - KKEA 1
Basketball LEGO Sports 1
Baseball Assorted Junk Wax 425
Baseball Other 173

There are lots of sets where I am picking up 10 or 20 cards at a time...please peruse the list above if there is anything you want out of there.  Starting a 2002 Flair set collection?  2004 Cracker Jack?  Let me know!  :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

20,000 Cards - Box 1, Layer 2

As I hinted in my last post, the 2nd layer of Box 1 looked to have much more variety than the first layer.  Boy was I right!  This layer had just over 1,000 cards in it, and you can see how many different unique piles we needed to account for all the different sets.

This time I was able to pull a big stack for my own PC.  I do not normally collect basketball cards, but this (near) set was from 2003 Upper Deck.  It has the LEGO Sports branding on it, and some of them are gold parallels.  We are pretty LEGO-crazy in this house, so I will save this for my boys (or for myself?) for later.

On the left is a picture of the "vintage-est" card that has come out of the box so far -- a 1981 Donruss Ron Cey (happy birthday, Ron!).  Anybody need it?  The card on the right is a lenticular Beanie Baby card, from "Mary Beth's Bean Bag World."  It was the Beckett magazine of Beanie Babies.  I'm keeping it! :-)

Looking at some more cards that are for trade, these were all from 2003 UD Sweet Spot Classic.  This is a very well-designed base set, with gold foil at the top/bottom.  Altogether, there were around 50 of those.  Let me know if you have any needs here, and I can check the rest of them.  (Already pulled the PeeWee Reese for you, N.O.)  The Williams and Righetti were each Serial #'d.

Aloha!  Oddball alert -- I also got 13 cards from the 2004 University of Hawaii baseball team.

Some umpires.

2004 Gold Parallells.


3 Sakics and the author of "Cujo."

Old-style Archives.

These are LAPD Dodgers cards.  4 of the 5 are still attached -- accordion-style.

Here's where things get interesting.  I hit a little pocket that had TEN Starting Lineup cards in it.  I was pretty impressed and took a picture of those right away.  What a great find.  Until...

...I found ANOTHER ten on the other side.  There's ol' Javy Lopez on the Durham Bulls.  :-)  There were actually 11...including an Eric Lindros that I grabbed for myself. 

That's all the loose cards from that layer -- now for the boxes.

If you recall, in the picture I showed from the last post, there were 3 cardboard boxes shown.  1 was clearly labeled as 2001 Bowman Draft.  one we figured was 1987 Donruss: The Rookies, and the other one said it was collectible playing cards.  Well, the playing cards weren't baseball...they were football!

Here were a few of my favorites.  Any needs there?  The box probably had 80-90% of the full set.  Here's the checklist.

The Donruss:The Rookies box was <insert sound of a sad trumpet>.  Half the cards were gone...all the good ones.  Best players left were Chris Bosio and Mike Greenwell....  Moving on.

The last thing was a little box of 2001 Bowman Draft, claiming to have the complete base set.  It was packed tight, so I'm guessing it did, but did not verify.   I pulled out what I think were the best players from that set:

That's a Chase Utley rookie, and a rookie of "Covelli" Crisp.  He wasn't officially "Coco" yet!

When I bought this lot from the guy, he said that it didn't have any jersey or autograph cards in it.  That's fine with me...I'm all about that base.


So much to my surprise, when I opened that Bowman box, these guys were in the back.

A red Futures Game jersey of Brett Myers and an on-card auto of Bobby Bradley.  Bradley may not have been the world's greatest pitcher, but that is a NICE signature!

So that's it.  Below I will post a quick summary of what came out of that layer.  Enjoy these while you can...the next layer looks more junk-waxy than this one.

To help make my future posts on this better, What was your favorite card from this post, and why?  Thanks.

Layer 2 Summary:

Baseball 2001 Bowman Draft 110
Baseball 1989 Bowman  83
Baseball 2004 Cracker Jack  80
Basketball Misc. Basketball 66
Baseball 1990 Topps 51
Baseball 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic 49
Football 1992 NFL Star Playing Cards 48
Football Misc. Football 39
Baseball 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man 36
Baseball 1987 Donruss:  The Rookies 32
Baseball 2002 Bowman Heritage 29
Basketball LEGO Sports 23
Baseball 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends 21
Multi-Sport Starting Lineup 20
Baseball 1990 Donruss 18
Baseball 1994 Upper Deck 18
Baseball 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings 18
Baseball 1999 Upper Deck Collector's Choice 17
Baseball 1989 Donruss 14
Baseball 1989 Topps 14
Baseball 1999 Fleer Metal Universe 14
Baseball Royals 14
Baseball 1998 Pacific Omega 13
Baseball 2004 University of Hawaii - KKEA 13
Baseball 1998 Skybox Thunder 12
Baseball Logo Stickers 12
Hockey Misc. Hockey 12
Baseball 1991 Upper Deck 11
Baseball 2003 Donruss Champions 10
Baseball 1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice 9
Baseball 1988 Topps Big 9
Baseball 1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice 8
Baseball 2003 Topps 7
Baseball 2004 Fleer Authentix 7
Baseball 1998 Fleer Ultra 5
Baseball 2002 Flair  5
Baseball 1999 Topps 5
Baseball 2004 Topps 4
Baseball Barry Larkin 2
Multi-Sport Other 116

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

20,000 Cards - Box 1, Layer 1

In case you didn't see it, I hit what I like to think is a Low-End Collector's Jackpot in a recent lot I purchased from Craigslist.  Thank you to everyone who has commented thus far and sent me provisional wantlists.  Please add to those if you see anything further that you like as we go through these.

There are 6 big boxes of cards, and 3 smaller, single-row boxes to go through.  After the boys were in bed, my wife and I dug in to examine the first layer off the top of box #1.  That is sorted by set and pictured above.

There were nearly 850 cards in the top layer:

Baseball 2003 Fleer Double Header  375
Baseball 1989 Bowman  335
Baseball 2004 Cracker Jack  28
Baseball Angels 20
Baseball 2005 Upper Deck Team USA  20
Baseball Dodgers 16
Football 1995 NFL-opoly Deed Cards 13
Baseball Royals 12
Baseball 2002 Flair  7
Multi-Sport SI for Kids 6
Basketball Misc. Basketball 5
Baseball Barry Larkin 4
Baseball Logo Stickers 1
Hockey Starting Lineup 1
Baseball 2003 Fleer Showcase  1
Baseball 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars 1
Baseball Pocket Schedule 1

The first thing I pulled out was a bunch of 1989 Bowman.  I know this is not exciting.  I hate this set.  The cards are TOO LONG compared to the usual storage boxes and pages.   If anyone wants these, let me know soon, or else they are going straight to the trash.  I am not the kind of guy who throws away baseball cards but for 1989 Bowman I will make an exception.  Don't care if there are Nolan Ryans and Cal Ripkens in there.  To the trash.

The next big thing was the 2003 Double-Header.  These are fun as some of them can fold up their top halves to reveal a different player underneath.  I grabbed a couple of Royals out of here (completing my team set), found 2 different Barry Larkins for Nachos Grande, and separated out small stacks of Angels and Dodgers for the people who have requested those thus far.  There are still lots of stars in that stack like Bonds, Clemens, Schilling, Jeter, etc.

The 2004 Cracker Jack did not have any of the SPs that people wanted.

Fuji, there was a Starting Lineup card (for hockey, of all things!) in there -- looks like a 1998 Paul Kariya.  Dinged on the corner.

I am looking forward to the next layer (shown below).  It looks much less uniform than the top layer.  Can anyone identify the black/red/blue box in the bottom right corner?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

20,000 Cards - They're Mine! And Yours?

If you're buying new product, 90 bucks can get you one hobby box of a newly-released product (maybe?), or 4.5 blasters (without tax) at the local big box retailer.

This is what 90 bucks on Craigslist just got me.

Those are six large file boxes (maybe used for comic books?) that are filled with cards.  They are stacked 3 or 4 layers deep in each one.  I estimate it is between 15,000 and 20,000 cards altogether.

So what is it?  Junk wax, right?  There definitely is some of that in here, but it's the minority.  Talking with the guy who sold it to me, he was collecting in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and it is just a big variety from that time-period, primarily.  Standing in his house for 5 minutes, I obviously couldn't look through every layer of every box, but I saw enough to know that I wasn't going to end up with only crap out of this -- there's a lot of fun stuff from that time-period.....which was the period when I WASN'T actively collecting, so this will fill a big need for my Royals collections from that era.  I am a "low-end" collector so doing all the digging through these should be a blast.

It is approx 70% baseball, 25% football, with 5% being miscellaneous (Basketball, Hockey, Star Wars, Simpsons).  I know one of the six boxes is completely full of MLB Showdown and NFL Showdown cards, which he said he was REALLY into at the time.  I rarely see those up for trade, so I should be a source for those if you have some team/player sets you need help with.

My project:  I am going to start sifting through these and posting the general contents of what I am finding (what years, what sets, how many cards, anything particularly interesting that I find).

If You Want Cards:  I know a lot of you are in the same boat as me, and weren't collecting during part of that period from 1995-2005.  There are WAY more cards here than I will be able to keep, and I'd love to trade away anything that you out in the blogosphere could use.  LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT and I will set it aside for you.
Please make your requests for:
1) Specific card wantlists from certain sets.  I.e., "I need cards #4, 13, 19, 22 from 2003 Fleer Double Header."  If you have a team-based wantlist with card numbers, shoot that my way.  These are the most-specific requests and will be honored first.
2) Player collections.  I.e. "Please set aside any Jeff Bagwell cards" or "Please set aside any Tom Glavine cards, but only if he is shown on the Mets."
3) Team requests.   I.e. "I want all your Seattle Seahawks."   <---This is the least specific, so I will honor those last.
Feel free to add any additional requests as you start to see what comes out of here.

When I brought the boxes home, I let my oldest son pull out a handful of cards to show him what was in here.  He grabbed a stack of miscellaneous football, and in the middle of his handful he says "Look at this one, Dad!"

It's a Starting Lineup oddball of my favorite football player.  Found in the first handful of this "haystack."   Let's see what other lovely "needles" we can uncover in this process, shall we?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Night Owl Confuses Me

Well, it's more like Topps confuses me.

All of these cards came from the one, the only, Mr. Night Owl in two packages -- one last summer, and one recent one.  He included the above monstrosity.  This flips the traditional traded-player display of "new logo/old uniform" on its head, by showing James Shields in his new uniform (KC), but with his old logo (TB).  Chalk this one up to a mistake -- whoever was maintaining the player database at Topps never updated it with the correct logo.

Night Owl sent a bunch of other good stuff, too.

And he finished it out with a #/99 double-jersey card of Raul (Adalberto) Mondesi.  This will definitely be Mondesi's year to show what he can do in the big leagues.  He's got to start hitting better if he is going to stick around.

Thank you, Night Owl -- all of these were needed and are very much appreciated!

-Josh D.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

2015 Topps Royals Outfielders - Same Pose

2015 was a charmed season for the Royals.  Seven players on the All-Star team, the AL Central Division Championship, and, of course, WINNING THE WORLD SERIES.

A big part of that team was the dynamic defense, particularly in the outfield.  Apparently Topps predicted this at the beginning of the season, as they decided to portray each one of the best KC outfielders in a similar pose -- making a diving defensive gem.

LF - Alex Gordon :  Winner of four consecutive Gold Gloves in LF, he was the winner of both the Platinum Glove and Hutch Award in 2014.

CF - Jarrod Dyson : 1.1 Defensive WAR over only 560 innings in 2015.  He lead the league in Double-Plays turned as an OF.  People thought he was just a burner, but he has a fast, accurate arm, too.

RF - Lorenzo Cain :  2.3 Defensive WAR in 2015.  This was good for 4th in the AL across all positions, and was actually a decrease from 2013/2014 when he was 2nd in the league.  He was also chosen as the "Wilson Defensive Player of the Year" in CF.

The "Superman" poses from all of them make for a neat set when seen as a group.  Are there any other sets you know of that have teammates in a similar pose?
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