Tuesday, February 28, 2017

20,000 Cards - Box 1, Layer 3

1)  Thank you for all of the interest in this series and comments on it!  These posts are taking a while to put together, so those give me some motivation to keep it going.  I have 2 more layers of Box 1 to post (including this one). 

2)  Please continue to note anything that you want, especially if you have any team/player requests for football or basketball.  I am starting to hit some of those cards and have nothing to do with most of them at this point.

That being said...here comes Box 1, Layer 3!

Starting Lineups continue to be well-represented in this first box.  16 more of them here.  I hope this guy still has all of these figurines on a shelf in his bedroom.  Maybe I will text him back and ask him?  :-)  Looks like he had a penchant for running backs...

There were a few Team USA women's Stadium Club cards:

President #39 Habitating for Humanity:

Baseball Randomness:
1) Cards with Kids
2) A nice Ichiro insert.  I suspect they developed this whole subset to give him another insert card.
3) That's not where the glove goes, Barry.
4)  Flair Giants Rookie...#'d.
5)  Another program for Night Owl
6)  Food Issue: Ritz/Oreo "Red" Derek Jeter
7)  This card is Swell!
8)  Glavine with rotational symmetry
9)  Young, Dodger-y Konerko

A few football cards of note:
1) This card is beautiful in person.  It's lenticular, die-cut, and heavy.  That's a keeper.
2) This Johnnie Morton has a VERY faint watermark irl, but the scanner makes it look like Morton is Hester Prynne.  1 of 499 (not SN#'d) -- It's from the 1996 Anaheim National.  Wish they would bring the show back out here! (side note:  "Devin Hester Prynne" might have to be my new Fantasy Football name if I decide to change from "Orange Julius Peppers.")
3)  Another scanner fail...this is a refractor-y Faulk.
4)  Hmmm.....what's this?  Looks OLD.  No date on the back.  Googling....  It's a 1969!  New record for the "vintagest" card so far, beating out 1981 Ron Cey by a full decade-plus.

Underneath the Roy Hilton, I pulled these three cards:

Huh??  What set is this?  These look old, too.  Must research...
Here's the backs.
So they are 1968s because of the copyright, right?  NOPE.
This set is called "1970 Fleer Laughlin World Series", as the artwork was done by Robert Laughlin originally for a self-published set in 1968, which he revised in color for Fleer to sell in 1970.  So Roy Hilton is still the elder statesman for this box.  Now I have three 1970s, too.  Those are for trade if anyone needs them.

Also in this box I picked up the last LEGO basketball card I needed, another Hawaii baseball player, a couple Barry Larkins and Cal Ripkens for folks who requested them, and a whole mess of 1990 Topps and other junk wax which I have spared you the agony of looking at.  For the aforementioned football and  basketball, I have big stacks of 1999-2000 Topps Basketball and 2001 Football (Fleer Focus, UD Legends).

Here's all the sets (with material memberships) that came in this 3rd level of the box -- 1,200 cards in this one!
Sport Set # of Cards
Basketball 1999-2000 Topps 88
Baseball 2004 Cracker Jack  55
Baseball 2004 Topps 42
Baseball 2002 Flair  37
Football Misc. Football 31
Basketball Misc. Basketball 29
Football 2001 Upper Deck NFL Legends 28
Football 2001 Fleer Focus Football 27
Baseball 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends 25
Baseball 1990 Upper Deck 24
Baseball 1989 Upper Deck 24
Multi-Sport Starting Lineup 17
Baseball 2004 Donruss Classics 17
Basketball 1999-2000 Fleer Focus 17
Baseball 1998 Fleer Ultra 13
Baseball 2003 Fleer Showcase 13
Baseball 2002 Leaf Certified 13
Baseball 1994 Upper Deck 12
Baseball 1999 Fleer Metal Universe 12
Baseball 2003 Fleer Patchworks 10
Baseball 2000 Topps 10
Baseball 2003 Topps 9
Baseball 1999 Skybox Metal 9
Baseball 1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice 7
Baseball 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man 7
Baseball 1999 Topps 6
Baseball 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic 4
Baseball Barry Larkin 3
Baseball 1998 Skybox Thunder 2
Baseball 2004 University of Hawaii - KKEA 1
Basketball LEGO Sports 1
Baseball Assorted Junk Wax 425
Baseball Other 173

There are lots of sets where I am picking up 10 or 20 cards at a time...please peruse the list above if there is anything you want out of there.  Starting a 2002 Flair set collection?  2004 Cracker Jack?  Let me know!  :-)


  1. Wow, that's a great hit on the SLU cards! Glad I already have that Erstad though.

  2. Oh, and I'll take the Laughlin cards. They're the precursor to Fleer stickers.

  3. I would be interested in the Jimmy Carter and Katie Smith cards.

    1. I'm keeping ol' Jimmy (he has a saw!), but Katie is yours.

  4. Ha! I like the Barry Larkin and your comment! Keep the posts coming!


  6. More SLU cards... and another Lego card? You're killing it!

  7. I would be interested in the Reggie in the first picture and the Johnnie Morton for the USC pc. Could also use the Giants World Series program and ser. numbered rookie.

    Great stuff!

  8. I am interested in all detroit Tigers cars that you may have pulled from this box or any of them


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