Wednesday, February 15, 2017

20,000 Cards - Box 1, Layer 1

In case you didn't see it, I hit what I like to think is a Low-End Collector's Jackpot in a recent lot I purchased from Craigslist.  Thank you to everyone who has commented thus far and sent me provisional wantlists.  Please add to those if you see anything further that you like as we go through these.

There are 6 big boxes of cards, and 3 smaller, single-row boxes to go through.  After the boys were in bed, my wife and I dug in to examine the first layer off the top of box #1.  That is sorted by set and pictured above.

There were nearly 850 cards in the top layer:

Baseball 2003 Fleer Double Header  375
Baseball 1989 Bowman  335
Baseball 2004 Cracker Jack  28
Baseball Angels 20
Baseball 2005 Upper Deck Team USA  20
Baseball Dodgers 16
Football 1995 NFL-opoly Deed Cards 13
Baseball Royals 12
Baseball 2002 Flair  7
Multi-Sport SI for Kids 6
Basketball Misc. Basketball 5
Baseball Barry Larkin 4
Baseball Logo Stickers 1
Hockey Starting Lineup 1
Baseball 2003 Fleer Showcase  1
Baseball 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars 1
Baseball Pocket Schedule 1

The first thing I pulled out was a bunch of 1989 Bowman.  I know this is not exciting.  I hate this set.  The cards are TOO LONG compared to the usual storage boxes and pages.   If anyone wants these, let me know soon, or else they are going straight to the trash.  I am not the kind of guy who throws away baseball cards but for 1989 Bowman I will make an exception.  Don't care if there are Nolan Ryans and Cal Ripkens in there.  To the trash.

The next big thing was the 2003 Double-Header.  These are fun as some of them can fold up their top halves to reveal a different player underneath.  I grabbed a couple of Royals out of here (completing my team set), found 2 different Barry Larkins for Nachos Grande, and separated out small stacks of Angels and Dodgers for the people who have requested those thus far.  There are still lots of stars in that stack like Bonds, Clemens, Schilling, Jeter, etc.

The 2004 Cracker Jack did not have any of the SPs that people wanted.

Fuji, there was a Starting Lineup card (for hockey, of all things!) in there -- looks like a 1998 Paul Kariya.  Dinged on the corner.

I am looking forward to the next layer (shown below).  It looks much less uniform than the top layer.  Can anyone identify the black/red/blue box in the bottom right corner?


  1. That's definitely a Donruss The Rookies set, circa 1988 perhaps?

    I didn't add my name to the list of requests on the previous post because I have a hard time being specific, and it's probably not fair to say to go look at my collection and look for things I don't have. But if you end up with any extra Cardinals or Trail Blazers cards after all the sorting is done and are thinking of throwing them out, I might be a good alternative?

    1. Donruss: The correct!

    2. There is an Ozzie Smith/Robin Yount double-header card. The 2004 Team USA also has a Troy Tulowitzki that it looks like your sweetie still needs. I'll put that in your stack and let you two fight it out. :-)

  2. I think Madding is correct, but with the little baseballs in blue on the side of the box I'll go with 1987.

    1. Yes! guys are like forensic baseball card scientists.

  3. I'm not sure about that box, but if you're lucky that Bowman box on the bottom left could get an Ichiro rookie, or a Chase Utley. Can't wait to see the rest.

  4. Man, you're gonna have a blast going through all this. Junk boxes are my favorite.

  5. I'll adopt the Bowman dogs if no one wants them. Can't let them be put to sleep, even if they are a pain to house. I'll find a box. :)

    1. Do you just want the stars, or the commons, too?

    2. I can't get on your profile. Do you have an email address? Otherwise I am going to dump these.

  6. If there happen to be any inserts in those Double Header cards I need two for the Giants PC:
    2003 Fleer Double Header Keystone Combinations #2 M.Tejada/J.Kent
    2003 Fleer Double Header Twin Bill #1A Barry Bonds

  7. Ding or no ding... all SLU cards are AWESOME! As for the box... it's a 1987 Donruss Highlights set.

  8. Hey Josh I'd be in on some Bosox. Don't have a lot from that time frame. Definitely don't have the Fleer double headers. I do not have any formal wantlists.


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