Saturday, January 28, 2017

I Thank Thee, Spankee

(these aren't from November 2015 or anything...I would never let it get that never)

From the Bottom of the Pile

Did you ever lose cards?  Not LOSE them, but just put them aside - on the back burner - until an undetermined time?

That's what happened to this package from Junior Junkie.  He sent me this last spring.  All these cards are from that envelope. I had opened it, enjoyed it, catalogued it, and intended to scan/post it....but that never happened.  It just sat

I want to say that something like that will never happen again....but I've got quite a backlog of yellow bubble mailers in a similar situation.  

My next post will probably be two separate envelopes from Night Owl.  

 Let's not forget the amazing box I never finished posting from Jaybarker Fan's Junk (now Willinghammer Rising). 

I've got a few relics from Spankee sitting in that stack, too.

But I digress....all this talk of other people I have shorted....I nearly forgot who sent me this stuff!  Who was it again?

The Griffey super-collector himself, Junior Junkie!  Thanks, man!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


This was the first Yordano Ventura card I ever owned.

The "Rated Rookie" badge then served to notify me of his great potential, yet unrealized.

Since then, he showed us flashes, but I think it is safe to say that all that potential remains unrealized still.  

Before they laid him in the ground today, Salvador Perez eulogized him, saying, "I regret the loss of our brother Ventura. Only God knows why he does these things.  I love you. And on behalf of the Kansas City Royals, I wish for all of you strength.”



Read more here:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

I'm Not a Super-Trader...

...but that doesn't stop me from benefitting from the concept.

2013 Topps Heritage - Mike Moustakas
P-Town Tom shot me an email in the Fall to say that he would not be "Waiting 'Til Next Year" to divest himself of all his Royals cards.  You see, there is no Royals representative in the "Super Traders" group and these pesky blue and white cards were piling up in his possession.  As a favor to him, I said I was willing to take them off his hands.  :-)  It was very generous of him to reach out to me on these and send them out, asking for nothing in return.

Shortly thereafter, a BRICK of cards show up on my doorstep.  After much sorting and cataloging, I have 90+ new cards that were not in my collection before.  Here's some pictures of my faves:

2016 Stadium Club - Alex Gordon
Is it raining or snowing on you this weekend?  You are in good company with ol' Gordo.

2013 Topps Minor League - Yordano Ventura
Are we in the maternity ward?  Because I see a baby-face.

Looking for legends?  Here's two cards I did not know existed.  Willie Wilson is so under-rated.  That guy was a BURNER.

Speaking of Royals legends...

1975 SSPC Royals
A whole page of SSPC cards?  Dang, just have these things sitting around your house?  That's called an embarassment of riches.  :-)   These were my favorite things in the whole package, as I only had one KC SSPC card before this package arrived.

1996 Topps Chrome - Wally Joyner
Chromed-out Wally with the STREEEEEEEEETCH.......

1998 Fleer Metal Universe - Dean Palmer
Hey Guys -- It's me, Dean Palmer.  Since coming over to Kansas City, I spend most of my free time out here on a rural highway fielding grounders.  It was rough for awhile, but it's a lot better being out here now since that plane is grounded...

So THANK YOU, TOM!  Watch out for gunfire...

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