Monday, June 25, 2012

Why is this card awesome?

Why is this card awesome?
Comment below.  I will send something to the first person with the "CORRECT" answer.  :-)

EDIT:  Rhubarb_Runner finally came up with the correct answer.   This card is awesome because it is an "Orange Julius."   Now I'm thirsty...anyone want to join me at the mall?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick Basketball Auction Plug

I was finally able to get rid of all the basketball base cards that I had offered for trade previously.  Two 11-year old boys came with their Dad to pick them up after I listed them for free on Craigslist.  They were very happy and I'm glad the cards found a place where they would be appreciated.

I still have a few inserts and serial-numbered cards that I am trying to get rid of on  It's like a big swap-meet with people giving stuff away.  You start off with 400-500 free credits to spend, so go get some and use them!  :-)  I have posted before about some of my free Listia gets

Here is the stuff I have posted there....1) A lot of Serial #'d cards  2) A lot of NBA insert cards  3) A gold Lebron James Parallel

more free stuff on Listia

Check it out and go bid -- I would love for some of this to end up with one of my blog readers.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brayan and Bryan

2012 Topps Brayan Pena - # 296
Brayan Pena has the ball.  Brayan Pena made the play!  Brayan Pena is glad that the throw from the outfield did not go all the way to the backstop...

This sweet play came in a trade stack from Marcus at Backstop Cards. He and I worked out a trade last month.  Two big baggies full of Fleer, Leaf, Upper Deck, Heritage, Topps, and Collector's Choice came my way.  Here were some of my favorites:

GUBES! (times 2).  I need those shades, Mark Gubicza.

Young, Minor-League Johnny Damon and an old Frank White.

Celebratory Opening Day Billy Butler and some guy I've never heard of.  Luckily, that guy is on a purple card.  Purple is the most under-rated of all the card colors, in my opinion.

The new purple guy is Bryan Brickhouse.

You're welcome.  :-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baseball Dad's Refractor Pad

Baseball Dad sent me a little package in exchange for the handful I sent him

We've got the Billy Butler X-Fractor, and a whole mess of 1991 Topps MICRO.  How have I never seen these before?  I think he gave me the full set (didn't scan them all, obviously)....but these guys are TINY.

Happy Father's Day, Baseball Dad!

Yo! Colbey Raps!

Well....I don't know if Colbey raps (though he seems like the type!), but the cards he sent me sure do.  He recently sent me a lovely yellow envelope full of good stuff in response to some Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats that I sent his way. 

Regarding 1999 Skybox Thunder -- it is one of my card-collecting guilty pleasures. :-) I will take any of this that people want to get rid of!!  In case you didn't know, some white boyz were writing the backs of the cards for this set, and did a (wonderfully?) horrible job making raps

 Throw your hands in the air,
And wave 'em from here to there
You're bringin' life back to the K.C. scene
With talent that's mean and lean

Eh.  I guess that's no SO bad for Beltran.
1999 Skybox Thunder - #268 - Carlos Beltran
You're the King of the Royals,
And you've got all power.
K.C. is your kingdom,
And you're rulin' like no other.

Yes, really.  That's what they came up with for Jeff King.  Luckily, this one was a "RAVE" parallel, and it was #'d /150.  I missed that the first 3 times I looked at this card.  Only when I was entering it into Zistle did I notice the difference.   
1999 Skybox Thunder Rave - #43 - Jeff King
Man, you tore it up in the minors last year.
Now, you got your eyes on the bigs for '99.
And you've got that Rookie of the Year award on your mind.

1999 Skybox Thunder - #6U - Jeremy Giambi
What the heck was that rap!!!???  I love the "Wheaties" vibe on this the bottom instead of the package size it says "Net WT 185 LBS (83.9 kg) NET HT 6'0."

He gave me these goodies, too. 

Thanks a bunch, Colbey!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Engagement Pictures and Aquatic Exploration

1997 Fleer Metal Universe - #91 - Johnny Damon
Why is Johnny Damon being attacked?  By a MOLLUSK?!?!  The scan does not do this bad-boy justice.  This is a picture of JD with a diving helmet super-imposed over his head while the squid tries to take out his legs and drag him back to the sea.  Oh, Fleer Metal -- you were awesome. This (along with everything else in this post) came from Jaybarkerfan's last card draft. 

The main reason I had bought-into this draft was for this guy:
2002 Topps Gold Label - Frank White Relic - #ACR-FW
I was the #1 overall pick...and it was MINE!  Frank White in the baby blues.  It's a shame how the KC front-office has treated him lately.  He was always one of my favorites, and loved his commentary during the TV broadcasts. I used my next set of picks to get this one:
2004 SPx Autograph Relic - Justin Huisman - #183 - #/799
I could tell Huisman was a Royal, but I did not remember him AT ALL.  So I went to do a little research on him, and the first thing that came up were his engagement pictures:

She seems nice. 

Justin's MLB career consisted of 25 IP over 14 games back in 2004.  He's now the coach of the "Northwest Indiana Oilmen"...a collegiate team.
Ginter Minis - Rasputin, Robert E. Lee, Alex Gordon
I got 3 Ginter minis, including one of Rasputin -- Russia's greatest love machine.  I cannot make an adequate statement about the relative love machine greatness of Lee or Gordon.

1972 Topps Leo Durocher, 2002 Fleer Platinum Wheelhouse Ichiro
I picked the Durocher since he looked a little crabby.  I picked the Ichiro because it had gears on it.  Turns out that one is embossed, too.
Wes threw in some more goodies for me in addition to the formal picks.

2011 Topps Lineage - Billy Butler Mini and Base
Billy Butler was the ONLY Royal on the Lineage checklist last year, and now I've got his mini and his base card.  Sidebar Rant:  When people were doing Lineage group breaks last year, I asked a few of them how much it would be to get the Royals.  They said it was the same price as any other team.  I pointed out to them that it was only these cards, but they didn't budge.  Needless to say, they didn't sell the Royals because you would have to be an idiot to pay the same price for the Royals that you would for the Yankees or Dodgers.  Many people who run group breaks do a good job of varying the prices based on the team and the checklists of the boxes they are opening, but if you are running group breaks where you sell all single-team-slots for a flat price, you are severely under-charging some people and over-charging others.
1997 E-X 2000 - Jermaine Dye and Johnny Damon
Last but not least, these two are from the 1997 E-X2000 set.  The sky/clouds piece is a translucent plastic so that you see that part better when there is a light behind it.  These are super-fun.  I got the Barry Bonds from this set, too.  

I like the looks of these.  I only wonder how much more Fleer Metal could have improved these...maybe have a giant hawk in the sky shooting lasers at Jermaine?  Maybe have Johnny trying to hit a jet fighter with his bat?  Some sort of DRAGON?

I think more cards should have a dragon...or at least a leviathan.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

College Football Cards - Cyclones and the Dog Days

I haven't posted another "Most Wanted" card in quite awhile, so it's about time I do that.  How about I do better than that?  Here's two!

These are both cards that I have seen while browsing the Interwebs lately and want to add to my list.

First, Upper Deck's 2012 College Football offering has a subset of College Mascot patch cards.  They are cool, but they don't have my favorite team (Iowa State), so there is no card of this guy:

Thus, I will need to go after the next best thing...the wife's Alma Mater.  You may not know this, but my wife is one smart cookie.  As in, Ivy-League math-degree smart.  And they've got her mascot in the set!

Handsome Dan - Yale - Upper Deck College Footbal 2012 - College Mascots - CM-60
That will be going in the binder of cards for her if we ever manage to get it.  The prices on those are a little high right now, but it is not one of the super-short-prints, so I am confident it will come down to our level one day.  If anyone has one for trade, please let me know!

So after I get that one for her, I will need to get something for myself.  And I know just the thing.

2004 Bazooka College Collection Jerseys - Lane Danielsen - Iowa State - BCCLD
This is a 2004 jersey card of Lane Danielsen.  He was an undrafted Iowa State alum who never made it big in the NFL.  He was on the Vikings' practice squad for awhile.  I always would have Seneca Wallace throw bombs to him on the PS2 NCAA Football games.  As far as I can tell, this is his only relic card, and one of only two cards of him.  He's now married with kids and has some sort of a medical career

Do you have any of those?  That would make my day.  My Dog Day, that is. 
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