Thursday, June 7, 2012

College Football Cards - Cyclones and the Dog Days

I haven't posted another "Most Wanted" card in quite awhile, so it's about time I do that.  How about I do better than that?  Here's two!

These are both cards that I have seen while browsing the Interwebs lately and want to add to my list.

First, Upper Deck's 2012 College Football offering has a subset of College Mascot patch cards.  They are cool, but they don't have my favorite team (Iowa State), so there is no card of this guy:

Thus, I will need to go after the next best thing...the wife's Alma Mater.  You may not know this, but my wife is one smart cookie.  As in, Ivy-League math-degree smart.  And they've got her mascot in the set!

Handsome Dan - Yale - Upper Deck College Footbal 2012 - College Mascots - CM-60
That will be going in the binder of cards for her if we ever manage to get it.  The prices on those are a little high right now, but it is not one of the super-short-prints, so I am confident it will come down to our level one day.  If anyone has one for trade, please let me know!

So after I get that one for her, I will need to get something for myself.  And I know just the thing.

2004 Bazooka College Collection Jerseys - Lane Danielsen - Iowa State - BCCLD
This is a 2004 jersey card of Lane Danielsen.  He was an undrafted Iowa State alum who never made it big in the NFL.  He was on the Vikings' practice squad for awhile.  I always would have Seneca Wallace throw bombs to him on the PS2 NCAA Football games.  As far as I can tell, this is his only relic card, and one of only two cards of him.  He's now married with kids and has some sort of a medical career

Do you have any of those?  That would make my day.  My Dog Day, that is. 

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