Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick Basketball Auction Plug

I was finally able to get rid of all the basketball base cards that I had offered for trade previously.  Two 11-year old boys came with their Dad to pick them up after I listed them for free on Craigslist.  They were very happy and I'm glad the cards found a place where they would be appreciated.

I still have a few inserts and serial-numbered cards that I am trying to get rid of on  It's like a big swap-meet with people giving stuff away.  You start off with 400-500 free credits to spend, so go get some and use them!  :-)  I have posted before about some of my free Listia gets

Here is the stuff I have posted there....1) A lot of Serial #'d cards  2) A lot of NBA insert cards  3) A gold Lebron James Parallel

more free stuff on Listia

Check it out and go bid -- I would love for some of this to end up with one of my blog readers.

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