Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yo! Colbey Raps!

Well....I don't know if Colbey raps (though he seems like the type!), but the cards he sent me sure do.  He recently sent me a lovely yellow envelope full of good stuff in response to some Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats that I sent his way. 

Regarding 1999 Skybox Thunder -- it is one of my card-collecting guilty pleasures. :-) I will take any of this that people want to get rid of!!  In case you didn't know, some white boyz were writing the backs of the cards for this set, and did a (wonderfully?) horrible job making raps

 Throw your hands in the air,
And wave 'em from here to there
You're bringin' life back to the K.C. scene
With talent that's mean and lean

Eh.  I guess that's no SO bad for Beltran.
1999 Skybox Thunder - #268 - Carlos Beltran
You're the King of the Royals,
And you've got all power.
K.C. is your kingdom,
And you're rulin' like no other.

Yes, really.  That's what they came up with for Jeff King.  Luckily, this one was a "RAVE" parallel, and it was #'d /150.  I missed that the first 3 times I looked at this card.  Only when I was entering it into Zistle did I notice the difference.   
1999 Skybox Thunder Rave - #43 - Jeff King
Man, you tore it up in the minors last year.
Now, you got your eyes on the bigs for '99.
And you've got that Rookie of the Year award on your mind.

1999 Skybox Thunder - #6U - Jeremy Giambi
What the heck was that rap!!!???  I love the "Wheaties" vibe on this the bottom instead of the package size it says "Net WT 185 LBS (83.9 kg) NET HT 6'0."

He gave me these goodies, too. 

Thanks a bunch, Colbey!

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