Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What would you pay for a card draft?

(Please comment for a chance to win....something.  :-)). 

Howdy all,

I am considering doing an "all-hits" card draft sometime later this year once most of the new products have been released and people have some $ left in their card budgets.  Before I start picking up the cards for it, I was hoping to get a general ballpark (no pun intended) of what people would be willing to pay for it.

Let's say that I had a draft where everyone got 10 hits...of which 4-5 were jerseys/autos of current major league stars, 3-4 were low/mid-level big leaguers or retired players, and 1-2 were minor league or prospect autos. 
  • Would you be willing to pay $12, $15, $18, $20, $22, $25, or $30 shipped for something like that?  Assume that the quality of the hits (more patches, multi-relics, bigger stars, etc.) would increase with the price-point. 
  • Or is this something that wouldn't interest you at all? 
  • Would you prefer it to have some vintage (1970's) cards, too, or just hits from the last 10 years?
  • It would be mostly (if not all) baseball, but would you prefer to also see a little bit of football/basketball/hockey in the hits, too?
Please leave a comment below.  I'll randomize the names of everyone who comments by next Friday (8/10/2012) and send out something fun to one winner.  Commenting does not obligate you to enter the draft whenever it does happen.  It will just help me to figure out if the majority would like to see a "low-end", "mid-range", or "high-end" draft.

Thanks so much.   - Josh D.


  1. Low-End, with a free spot given out in a future blog contest!

  2. I more for the high end if the hits are real nice i'd pay 30 no issue, if it was some good some bad 20 would be fine.

  3. I love me some card drafts, i would be in no matter its just fun to be in. Price wise the norm would be 20 to 25 bucks. Make sure your rules are out there so everyone could see and a seek peek of what cards are up for grabs is always a good idea. ( trust me on this one cause it could get ugly if the cards don't live up to the price of the draft) But anyhoot count me in!! Good luck!!

  4. how about $15 to $20
    i like the idea of some 70s vintage, and i always vote for strictly baseball. :)

  5. Thanks for all the comments so far! Keep 'em coming. ;-)

  6. $15-$20 range. Cool idea.

  7. It would depend on the cards that were there, but I could see $15 if it were all baseball and recent years only

  8. I don't do drafts because I'm pretty cheap, but if I were to do one, I'd go in for the $15-$20 range. I also don't do much vintage, so I'd go for baseball within the last 10 years.

  9. I would probably be with Steve ^^ but I might be interested if it were inexpensive. Also, I like the vintagey stuff too. So.

  10. I generally keep my spending to $15 or less as I feel that's the point where I have not lost much if the cards don't go my way. And definitely all baseball.

  11. $20 bucks works for me usually for something like that. Maybe up to $30 if the cards were higher quality. I like mostly hits but a litle vintage and/or sn'd stuff is fun too.


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