Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Kind of Basketball Players

In May I offered up a bunch of NBA cards for trade.  Roger from Cool Breeze Baseball Buzz wanted some of the Shaq's and Dwight Howards that I had.  He hooked me up with some Royals, a bunch of Iowa State Cyclones basketball, and my mid-childhood man-crush, Mark Price.  He was a great free-throw shooter, you know.  All the kids LOVED him. 

Here's Mark...being the Mark-iest that he can be:
Mark Price
The Cyclones are here...being all cold and Upper Midwest-y:   We've got Victor Alexander, Jeff Grayer, Kelvin Cato, Loren Meyer, Fred Hoiberg, and Jeff Hornacek.  I think Roger was reading my Want-Lists!!!  :-)   -------------->

Iowa State Cyclone Basketball Alumni
Thanks for the great trade, Roger!


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