Sunday, July 15, 2012

Target Bargain Bin...with a Hit!

While relaxing at the in-laws' last week, the wife and I headed over to their Target for a "date."  They have a much better card section at their target than the one by my house, and they had way more variety in the $1.59 "Power Packs" than I normally see.  So I grabbed one pack of 2009 National Chicle Football and one of 2009 UD Icons Football (Retail).

First, the National Chicle:
2009 National Chicle Kenny Britt and Vincent Jackson
The Vincent Jackson mini is a "Bazooka Back"...seeded 1:12.  Kenny Britt is a regular base card.  SO WHY IS THERE A BLIMP BEHIND HIS SHOULDER????  My google search for _Britt Chicle Blimp_ turned up nothing.  Maybe instead I should search for "dirigible"?  Or perhaps "zeppelin"?

2009 Topps National Chicle - Amelia Earhart - Era Icons - EI-1
I love these oddball history inclusions.  The copy on the back of the Earhart reads "Amelia became the first person of either gender to go solo from Honolulu to Oakland. The 2,408-mile journey had been attempted, unsuccessfully, by several others."  If I am going to be unsuccessful at something, I do NOT want it to be flying across the Pacific by myself.

Next up was the pack I had never seen in the "Power Packs" before.  2009 Upper Deck Icons Football (retail).  Old Matty Ice is on the cover.
2009 Upper Deck Icons Retail Pack - Matt Ryan
As I was opening this, I said, "WAIT!  I got screwed...there are only 4 cards here instead of 5."  Little did I was double-thick.  :-)

2009 Upper Deck Game Day Gear - Mike Vrabel - NFL-MV

It's a nice navy blue swatch from his Patriots days.  Having never pulled a hit out of a retail pack before, this got me really excited.  Especially since it was a $1.59 pack!  :-) ha ha

I will pretend that this was from one of his scoring plays.  For a primarily defensive player, his having 11 career touchdowns is a pretty neat stat.


  1. Can't stand the Pats, but still an awesome find!

    1. If it helps to temper your rage against the Pats, they did put a Chiefs logo on it. :-)


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