Monday, July 30, 2012

Next Stop: Backstop

If you're not making trades with Marcus over at Backstop Cards, you're missing out.  He's making trades fast and furious down there, and if you don't yet have an outlet for your Padres, that would be a good place to send them.

He just sent me another little package with some Royals goodness in it (after perusing my Zistle wantlist).  Here were a few of the highlights:

A couple of  Eric Hosmers to start  your day off right.  The Blue Opening Day parallel is #'d /2012.  The Archives Hosmer is based on the 1984 design, but feels the need to use bright pink on an otherwise great card.  Eric has struggled this season...he's had one of the lowest BABIP of any big leaguers, so hopefully a reversion to the mean on that next year will help him regain that rookie season form.

This is the 2012 Archives George Brett rookie.  The real version is on my Most Wanted list, and I already have a Chrome Reprint version, but this one is a plain reprint with the gold stamp.   It's not nearly as beat-up as Nick's version.  :-)

2012 Topps Archives George Brett

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