Thursday, September 1, 2011

Most Wanted #2 - George Brett

In Wednesday's post I introduced my new "Most Wanted List" with the Drew Brees card.  That card was not really one that anyone would consider to be "collectible" or "valuable" by the hobby at-large.  Card #2 on the list IS a valuable one.

1975 Topps # 228 George Brett (Rookie)
George Brett.

The #1 Royals player of all time.  The only KC Hall-of-Famer.  13-time All-Star.  1 MVP.  3 batting titles, each in a different decade.  Led the league in TRIPLES 3 times -- I didn't know that until I just looked it up.  The guy could play (obviously).

I saw my first professional baseball game in 1986.  It was on a church bus trip to Royals Stadium for Royals versus Yankees.  I remember seeing the fountains and my amazement that the grass was SO GREEN.  From my perch high above home plate in the top deck I watched George get 3 hits that day.  He was the best player on the best team in baseball (they were the defending champs) and immediately became my favorite.  Dave Winfield had a homer that day, but I didn't take to him like I did to Brett.

Even in the late 80's Brett's cards were expensive.  7-year-old me could barely scrounge together the 40 cents needed for a pack, let alone what it would have taken to buy one of his earlier cards.  However, I remember seeing this card in the "Baseball Cards Magazine" and knowing that it was considered THE card of Brett to get.  I never did get it.  My interest in cards waned as I got older and that was that.

This card now has a book value of $80, and goes for $25-$50 on COMC.  As I've returned to collecting as an adult, I still have never paid that much for a single card.  If anyone has one for trade, please let me know.  I might break down and buy one someday, but can't see myself spending that anytime soon. 

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