Saturday, September 17, 2011

Incredible Chili Hulk - Most Wanted #4

I Want This Card:

1997 Fleer Ultra #432 - Chili Davis

Why do I want it?  BECAUSE IT MAKES CHILI LOOK LIKE THE INCREDIBLE HULK!  Or the blue/Smurf version of him.  Or else just really buff.  But I'm pretty sure that Chili Davis was the hugest, most ripped big leaguer ever.  If I ever meet Chili Davis in person, I won't say a word -- I will just grab his biceps to see if they really are as big as these pictures lead me to believe.  His neck is also ginormous.  

I heard some kids on the bus saying ridiculous things like "Santa Claus isn't real" and "There's no way Chili Davis is that big -- it's just due to some air getting under his rubber jacket during a sprint."  You know -- that kind of crazy talk.  Hopefully someday they'll figure out how awesome Chili is and be able to experience the joy of having a card of his.

If any of you have this one available, please let me know!  You can click to see the rest of my Most Wanted cards.

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