Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hard Hats and High Heat - Most Wanted #3

One thing I love(d) about Upper Deck baseball cards is that they weren't afraid to put the slightly goofy picture on their card.  Whether that was a guy with his dog, someone in a silly hat, etc., they were fine with it if it looked cool.  That brings us to my "Most Wanted" card #3.

 2008 Upper Deck #326 - Justin Maxwell (Rookie)

Mr. Maxwell appears to be playing a game on some sort of construction site (or maybe it's the lunar surface).  I'm guessing this was for the Washington Nationals Park.  I don't know why they would install home plate and chalk the lines before adding essential things like grass and seats and hot dog stands...but maybe I just don't understand baseball these days.  It was nice of all those construction workers to take a break to come watch him do whatever he is doing.  I am happy to see that they are all OSHA-compliant in their reflective vests and hard hats.  The catcher is in his full gear.  Everyone in this picture is very safe....WAIT!

Everyone in this picture is safe...except for the one person who needs a helmet most.  Justin Maxwell.  Stay safe out there, Justin.  Watch out for loose girders.  And inside fastballs.  

This card is awesome.  I love it and its oddball-ness.  It would only be better if it contained a jersey swatch of a reflective vest.  

If anyone has this card for trade, please let me know. 

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  1. I either have the 1st edition , reg version or both i 4get all i wud like in return wud b any red sox things u r will 2part with thanks much i 4get all i wud like in return wud b any red sox things u r will 2part with thanks much


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