Thursday, August 2, 2012

Joey Furts - Full Bio

2012 Allen and Ginter - Joey Furts

Topps didn't have room to write all of Joey Furts's attributes on one small card.  I called their customer service # and asked for his full bio.  Here is what they gave me:

Name:  Joey Furts
Sex: M
Age: 31
Hometown: Willow Cove
Occupation: Poker Player and Hustler
Sign: Virgo
All-around sleazy character and not to be trusted in the least
Anagram of Name:  Joey's Turf
Boxers or Briefs?:  Boxer-Briefs
Favorite Movie:  Terms of Endearment
Has many enemies
Last time he cried:  Little sister's wedding
Banned from Guttman's Gutters for life
Favorite Snack:  Rolo
Has been involved or implicated in many shady dealings
Favorite Drink:  Shirley Temple on the rocks
Twitter Handle:  @AllIn4theWin
Baseball Idol:  Craig Counsell
Education:  MFA in Studio Art from Columbia University
Guilty Pleasure song:  "Total Eclipse of the Heart"
Caught running a three card monte scam
Best friend in the poker world: Annie Duke
Home PC:  Compaq Presario
Favorite Olympic Event:  Skeleton
Childhood Dream Job:  Secret Service Officer
Least Favorite President:  Zachary Taylor
Poker Bluff %:  11.4%
Twilight Allegiance:  Team Edward
Time at Current Residence:  19 months
Number of Cats:  11
Girlfriend:  None


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