Saturday, August 11, 2012

Card Draft Drawing Winner

Thanks to all who commented on my card draft post.  I have already started acquiring some cards for it, so I will definitely be running a draft sometime this fall.  I'm hoping to price it at cost (in the $19-$22 range) to make it attractive to more people and help fill it up.  That will probably be for 12 hits, rather than the 10 I was thinking originally.

I had said everyone who commented would be entered for a drawing for something good...

The winner is Matthew from  TENETS OF WILSON. You lucky duck, you were one of my "Big Pile" winners last fall.  :-)  Please email me your current address (to josh dot denhartog AT gmail dot com) -- I'll see if there is anything on your want list that I have...or you might just get some random stuff from me. :-)

-Josh D.

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