Thursday, August 23, 2012

Support Your Local Minnow

Why is the above card more than just a random 1978 Topps card?  I'll let you stew on this for a moment.

All of the cards in this post came to me courtesy of Trevor, proprietor of a new blog I found last month...."Supporting the Minnow."  I saw he had made a trade with $30/Week Habit and clicked on through to Trevor's blog.  A few post comments later and we had a trade in the works.

In case you are wondering...he has access to a baseball card vending machine at his local tire shop (LTS?). 

Trevor buys miscellaneous lots of cards, mostly keeps the hockey, then has the other stuff to trade away.  So why is trading with him a good idea?  Because that card at the top is not a random Topps card.  It is a random O-PEE-CHEE card.  Trevor is Canadian.

Dear readers in New York, Michigan, and Minnesota, you may have ready access to Canadian cards, but here in SoCal, they don't show up at the garage sales I go to.  So the only way I get OPC is in trade. 

Frank White has a 2nd-BUT, just in case he loses his first one.  I am always glad to add another Voltigeur to my collection.

Amos Otis is au jeu (not au jus).  Dennis Leonard is a Lanceur (I remembered that from my Orel Hershiser OPC card). 
Additionally, he tossed in a George Brett "Pre-Production Sample" from 1994 Topps.  You can see the full story on this card here

Thanks again for a great trade!

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