Friday, August 24, 2012

I've Got The Ball - a Q&A Session

Q:  Is Jose Rosado intimidated by big-name hitters?
A:  "They've got the bat, and they've got the name, but I've got the ball." --Jose Rosado

1997 Circa Jose Rosado - #11

Q:  What does Juan Gonzalez think of Kevin Appier?
A:  "To me, he's the best right-hander in this league." --Juan Gonzalez
(Juan Gonzalez has apparently never heard of this "Roger Clemens" fellow.)

1997 Circa Kevin Appier - #158
Q:  How does Chili Davis feel about being traded?
A:  "At my's nice to know that someone wants you.  I've told young guys it's not an insult to be traded."  --Chili Davis

1997 Circa Chili Davis - #248
That's right, Chili, it's not an insult to be traded.  In fact, I've been trying to get people to trade me Chili Davis for months now.  I put him on my "Most Wanted" list and everything.  I had given up hope of getting him, until this card arrived in my mailbox.

1997 Fleer Ultra Chili Davis - #432

All of these (and even more Circa cards) came to me via "reader of blogs, writer of none" Steve.  He found me on Zistle. Another benefit of Zistle -- only on there will people who want your old MLB Showdown cards know that you want their old Circa cards.  It's like the Millionaire Matchmaker for card collectors.  It was a super-easy trade. You can check out all his stuff on his Zistle profile
Thanks again, Steve!


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