Friday, November 18, 2011

Trading with a Superstar

Every subculture has its stars.  Lifestyle Design has Tim Ferriss.  Trivia has Ken Jennings.  And Card Blogging has Night Owl.  His frequency and quality of posts is unsurpassed, in my opinion.  Needless to say that I was taken aback when one day I saw a note from the king himself.  He had seen my post on the Classic garage sale cards and wanted those purple Dodgers.  I was more than happy to oblige, so I shipped him that Purple Haze along with a bunch of other miscellany.

He told me that he would send me "Random Royals and Orel Hershisers," which sounded great to me.  Last week I opened up my mailbox and saw that little yellow envelope we all love to see.  Without further ado, here are the highlights of the goodies from Night Owl.

Some Young Guys:
 2011 Bowman TP15 - Mike Montgomery, and 2007 Topps TP16 - Brian Bannister

Some Old Guys:
(Does he have these things just lying around??  AWESOME)
1982 Topps Stickers (#193 Frank White, #191 Dennis Leonard, #196 Willie Aikens)

One Hunched-Over Guy:
1972 Topps #178 Paul Schaal

And two more guys that I can't help but like -- the Mexicutioner and the Mustache I want:
 2011 Allen and Ginter #174 Joakim Soria and 1982 Topps #495 Dennis Leonard

Not only did he have a bunch of Royals for me, but The Bulldog came through, too.

1990 Collect-A-Books #6 Orel Hershiser

It's not every day you get another "Lanceur" for your collection:
1985 Leaf #38 and 1991 O-Pee-Chee #64 Orel Hershiser

And I saved my personal favorites for last...I never had many Sportflics.  I started collecting in 1987, when a pack of 15 Topps cards cost 40 cents and a pack of 3 Sportflics was a buck.  You can guess what 7-year-old me bought more of.  Even though they were super-cool, my pocket-change-budget could not get the Flics very often.  So when I saw these, I giggled like a little kid:
1987 Sportflics #43 and 1986 Sportflics #9 Orel Hershiser

Thank you, Night Owl.  This package was a blast.  You made this blogger very happy.


  1. A Royals blog! Awesome! Going to be reading regularly.

    I agree, Night Owl is a legend in his own time. All the little bloggers (me) want to be like him when we grow up.


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