Thursday, October 13, 2011

Classic Cards - Garage Sale Finds

I LOVE Garage Sales.  Good garage sales, that is, not the junky ones with old furniture and paperbacks from the '70s.  Good garage sales have BASEBALL CARDS.  Luckily, my wife is always looking for a deal, so we hit our fair share of garage sales together.  Last Saturday the local high school sports teams were having a garage sale fundraiser so we drove down there.

At this sale LAST YEAR, I picked up a complete starter set of "MLB Showdown 2002" cards.  This alerted me to the "cards IN games" niche that is out there.  I was hoping to find something similar this year...and find it I did.

It was the 1991 Classic Trivia Board Game.  How much would you pay for such a thing?  $50??  $25??  $10??  No ladies and gentlemen, I was able to purchase this game for the low price of ONE dollar.  The school  was happy to have the money, I was happy to have the cards, and some mother was happy to have this out of her closet. 

But wait, there's more!  This game was apparently so special that it needed to be serial-numbered:
I'm glad it wasn't some common thing that just anyone could buy....

Inside the box was a game-board, a bunch of pieces, some fake money (likely from a different game), and these two boxes of cards:

I cracked open those bad boys and found about 200 of the purple 1991 player cards.  The boxes were full, so I am assuming most of the set is there.  This set was nothing too special, but it did have a few interesting features.

Just like Johnny Cash sang "Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down," Lenny Dykstra is singing, "Ain't No Frame Can Hold My Body Down."  He is busting out of the frame, spitting, and trampling upon his family name.  That just ain't right!!  And he's not the only one -- many players are doing such violent actions that they thrust themselves out of the frame.  Roger Clemens is having an on-mound chat with his catcher and coach while sticking his elbows out across the border.  What an action shot!

Classic did include one cheesy shot (awesome):
Because his NAME is Justice!  I get it now.  :-)

All in all, a great find for a buck.  Except for the Royals, all of these cards are FOR TRADE.  The checklist is here, so see what you want and send me an offer.  I'll probably take it, as long as it gets approved by our benevolent judge above...

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