Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quick Trivia Question

I haven't posted the past two weeks as a result of a long family vacation, followed by a dead computer.  After much interweb consultation, I successfully tracked down the problem to a faulty power-supply, replaced it, and now am fully operational.

Here's a quick trivia question...I just prepared two baseball card trade packages - one for Night Owl and one for Robert @ $30/week Habit. As I was putting all the cards in there, I remarked to those in the room, "Man, there sure are a lot of ____________ cards in these stacks."  What player's name fills in that blank?

Make your guess in the comments below.  The first correct answer will get something from me sometime.  :-)


  1. Incorrect (but thanks for guessing). Think about the intersection of those two guys' team collections....

  2. Serial numbered 1975 Topps night cards that cost $30?

  3. Ha ha ha! Hmmm...that would be one overlap in the Venn Diagram. :-)

    I was thinking more along the lines of...Night Owl collects what team? And Robert collects what team? Are there any significant overlaps there?


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