Thursday, February 23, 2017

20,000 Cards - Box 1, Layer 2

As I hinted in my last post, the 2nd layer of Box 1 looked to have much more variety than the first layer.  Boy was I right!  This layer had just over 1,000 cards in it, and you can see how many different unique piles we needed to account for all the different sets.

This time I was able to pull a big stack for my own PC.  I do not normally collect basketball cards, but this (near) set was from 2003 Upper Deck.  It has the LEGO Sports branding on it, and some of them are gold parallels.  We are pretty LEGO-crazy in this house, so I will save this for my boys (or for myself?) for later.

On the left is a picture of the "vintage-est" card that has come out of the box so far -- a 1981 Donruss Ron Cey (happy birthday, Ron!).  Anybody need it?  The card on the right is a lenticular Beanie Baby card, from "Mary Beth's Bean Bag World."  It was the Beckett magazine of Beanie Babies.  I'm keeping it! :-)

Looking at some more cards that are for trade, these were all from 2003 UD Sweet Spot Classic.  This is a very well-designed base set, with gold foil at the top/bottom.  Altogether, there were around 50 of those.  Let me know if you have any needs here, and I can check the rest of them.  (Already pulled the PeeWee Reese for you, N.O.)  The Williams and Righetti were each Serial #'d.

Aloha!  Oddball alert -- I also got 13 cards from the 2004 University of Hawaii baseball team.

Some umpires.

2004 Gold Parallells.


3 Sakics and the author of "Cujo."

Old-style Archives.

These are LAPD Dodgers cards.  4 of the 5 are still attached -- accordion-style.

Here's where things get interesting.  I hit a little pocket that had TEN Starting Lineup cards in it.  I was pretty impressed and took a picture of those right away.  What a great find.  Until...

...I found ANOTHER ten on the other side.  There's ol' Javy Lopez on the Durham Bulls.  :-)  There were actually 11...including an Eric Lindros that I grabbed for myself. 

That's all the loose cards from that layer -- now for the boxes.

If you recall, in the picture I showed from the last post, there were 3 cardboard boxes shown.  1 was clearly labeled as 2001 Bowman Draft.  one we figured was 1987 Donruss: The Rookies, and the other one said it was collectible playing cards.  Well, the playing cards weren't baseball...they were football!

Here were a few of my favorites.  Any needs there?  The box probably had 80-90% of the full set.  Here's the checklist.

The Donruss:The Rookies box was <insert sound of a sad trumpet>.  Half the cards were gone...all the good ones.  Best players left were Chris Bosio and Mike Greenwell....  Moving on.

The last thing was a little box of 2001 Bowman Draft, claiming to have the complete base set.  It was packed tight, so I'm guessing it did, but did not verify.   I pulled out what I think were the best players from that set:

That's a Chase Utley rookie, and a rookie of "Covelli" Crisp.  He wasn't officially "Coco" yet!

When I bought this lot from the guy, he said that it didn't have any jersey or autograph cards in it.  That's fine with me...I'm all about that base.


So much to my surprise, when I opened that Bowman box, these guys were in the back.

A red Futures Game jersey of Brett Myers and an on-card auto of Bobby Bradley.  Bradley may not have been the world's greatest pitcher, but that is a NICE signature!

So that's it.  Below I will post a quick summary of what came out of that layer.  Enjoy these while you can...the next layer looks more junk-waxy than this one.

To help make my future posts on this better, What was your favorite card from this post, and why?  Thanks.

Layer 2 Summary:

Baseball 2001 Bowman Draft 110
Baseball 1989 Bowman  83
Baseball 2004 Cracker Jack  80
Basketball Misc. Basketball 66
Baseball 1990 Topps 51
Baseball 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic 49
Football 1992 NFL Star Playing Cards 48
Football Misc. Football 39
Baseball 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man 36
Baseball 1987 Donruss:  The Rookies 32
Baseball 2002 Bowman Heritage 29
Basketball LEGO Sports 23
Baseball 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends 21
Multi-Sport Starting Lineup 20
Baseball 1990 Donruss 18
Baseball 1994 Upper Deck 18
Baseball 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings 18
Baseball 1999 Upper Deck Collector's Choice 17
Baseball 1989 Donruss 14
Baseball 1989 Topps 14
Baseball 1999 Fleer Metal Universe 14
Baseball Royals 14
Baseball 1998 Pacific Omega 13
Baseball 2004 University of Hawaii - KKEA 13
Baseball 1998 Skybox Thunder 12
Baseball Logo Stickers 12
Hockey Misc. Hockey 12
Baseball 1991 Upper Deck 11
Baseball 2003 Donruss Champions 10
Baseball 1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice 9
Baseball 1988 Topps Big 9
Baseball 1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice 8
Baseball 2003 Topps 7
Baseball 2004 Fleer Authentix 7
Baseball 1998 Fleer Ultra 5
Baseball 2002 Flair  5
Baseball 1999 Topps 5
Baseball 2004 Topps 4
Baseball Barry Larkin 2
Multi-Sport Other 116


  1. Well, my favorite card there is the Donruss Cey for obvious reasons. But the Sweet Spot Classics, Starting Lineups, Covelli Crisp and ump cards are pretty cool, too.

  2. I can use that Felipe Alou gold card. You are getting some cool stuff, this must be a ton of fun.

  3. Did you get my comment on your first post on the 20,000 cards about me bing interested in any Indians cards you pull?

    1. Yes...Have set aside a pile of Indians for you. Growing by the minute...

  4. Awesome. I've never waited more anxiously than for these posts. SO curious to see whats coming next.

    1. I'm not showing many of the Angels. You'll just have to wait until they show up on your doorstep.

  5. I don't know why, but I like those umpire cards. I wonder if umpires sign TTM... and where would you send the cards to? So many questions now that I know umps have cards!

  6. The LAPD dodgers cards are my favorite here (would you set them aside for me?) Even though Davey is wearing the awful white hat.

  7. Legos & SLU cards. Can you say "jackpot"?


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