Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Big Pile - Fuji - Bob Horner on the Move!

Bob Horner cannot be contained!  He is like the Lamar Odom of the Big Pile...always on the move.

After all the drama last round, PATP left Horner unguarded.  That was exactly what Fuji wanted -- he swept in (under cover of darkness) and gathered Horner into his fold...forever to remain.  Or is he??  Fuji left him stealable, too!  Is there another unscrupulous winner out there with a love for Bob?

Fuji also stole the 1987 Topps Bo Jackson from Eric.  I have to say, Fuji has some good taste.  This may not surprise you, but that is probably my favorite card of all time.  It was the coolest card of my favorite team in the set that started me on the path to collecting.  Nicely done (and smart to lock it!). 

Dawgbones asked me how many times a card can be stolen.  It can be stolen anytime when it is not declared to be Locked.  There is no limit on the number of steals per card.  He also asked what about the people who have cards stolen from them and whose stacks are now less than 20.  I think we will have a little "supplemental" round at the end of the 12 rounds where people can pick from the Pile.  There will be a lot of leftovers so hopefully there is still something you would like at that point.

Here were Fuji's picks:

B301 Bo Jackson Fuji Locked
F75 NFC North Stickers Fuji Locked
B133 Tony Gwynn Fuji Locked
B340 Mark McGwire Fuji Stealable
B119 Vince Coleman Fuji Stealable
B132 Tony Gwynn Fuji Stealable
B275 Eddie Collins Fuji Stealable
B356 Nolan Ryan Fuji Stealable
B338 Rickey Henderson Fuji Stealable
B30 Bob Horner Fuji Stealable
N9 Kobe Bryant Fuji Stealable
F10 Tim Brown Fuji Stealable
F22 Brett Favre Fuji Stealable
N53 James Worthy Fuji Stealable
B99 Greg Maddux Fuji Stealable
B255 Kirby Puckett Fuji Stealable
B125 Willie McGee Fuji Stealable
B100 Greg Maddux Fuji Stealable
F20 Donald Driver Fuji Stealable

Fuji also picked Mystery 4.  M4 is a ProLine pack based on the life of NFL QB Jim (Chris) Everett.

Here's Jim Everett playing QB!  Here's Jim Everett in the studio!  Here's Jim Everett's family!  It's still sealed so you know I didn't do something shady (like take out the card of Jim Everett fishing). 

With that said, Uncle Moe is on the clock!  Please post your picks by late afternoon Thursday, if possible.  You can put it in the comments on this post.

Here's the remaining draft order:

6 Uncle Moe
7 hiflew
8 AdamE
9 Angels in Order
10 Napkin Doon
11 arpsmith
12 Matt - Tenets of Wilson

Here's what's taken so far. 

B226 Carlton Fisk Potch Locked
B339 Reggie Jackson Potch Locked
B153 Ron Cey Potch Locked
M7 1996 Hockey - 2 Packs Potch Locked
B37 Dale Murphy Potch Stealable
B66 Tony Perez Potch Stealable
B71 Lance Berkman Potch Stealable
B93 Ernie Banks Potch Stealable
B157 Burt Hooton Potch Stealable
B177 Willie McCovey Potch Stealable
B187 Eddie Murray Potch Stealable
B201 Phil Rizzuto Potch Stealable
B261 Mark Fidrych Potch Stealable
B264 Hank Greenberg Potch Stealable
B285 Frank Thomas Potch Stealable
B286 Frank Thomas Potch Stealable
B287 Frank Thomas Potch Stealable
B308 Felix Hernandez Potch Stealable
B329 Hoyt Wilhelm Potch Stealable
F46 Ed McCaffrey Eric L Locked
F57 Shannon Sharpe Eric L Locked
B290 George Brett Eric L Locked
B291 George Brett Eric L Stealable
B292 George Brett Eric L Stealable
B293 George Brett Eric L Stealable
B294 John Buck Eric L Stealable
B295 Billy Butler Eric L Stealable
B296 Lorenzo Cain Eric L Stealable
B298 Luke Hochevar Eric L Stealable
B299 Alex Gordon Eric L Stealable
B300 Alex Gordon Eric L Stealable
B303 Joakim Soria Eric L Stealable
B304 Mike Sweeney Eric L Stealable
N25 Jason Kidd Eric L Stealable
N36 Chris Mullin Eric L Stealable
F16 Terrell Davis Eric L Stealable
F19 Tony Dorsett Eric L Stealable
O6 Jocelyn Thibault Eric L Stealable
B4 Ryan Howard Dawgbones Locked
B77 Roy Oswalt Dawgbones Locked
B197 Catfish Hunter Dawgbones Locked
M10 Harley Davidson Cards Dawgbones Locked
B1 Bobby Abreu Dawgbones Stealable
B2 Lenny Dykstra Dawgbones Stealable
B5 Gary Matthews Dawgbones Stealable
B6 Scott Rolen Dawgbones Stealable
B8 Curt Schilling Dawgbones Stealable
B9 Mitch Williams Dawgbones Stealable
B10 Hammers and Nails Dawgbones Stealable
B103 Ryne Sandberg Dawgbones Stealable
B162 Mike Piazza Dawgbones Stealable
B212 BJ Upton Dawgbones Stealable
B126 Rogers Hornsby Dawgbones Stealable
B240 Travis Hafner Dawgbones Stealable
B245 Jim Thome Dawgbones Stealable
B252 Justin Morneau Dawgbones Stealable
N35 Alonzo Mourning Dawgbones Stealable
B225 Mike Fiore P.a.t.P. Locked
B87 Mike Hershberger P.a.t.P. Locked
B239 Ray Fosse P.a.t.P. Locked
M2 NBA Jam Session Cards P.a.t.P. Locked
B68 Bip Roberts P.a.t.P. Stealable
B129 Carl Warwick P.a.t.P. Stealable
F42 Dan Marino P.a.t.P. Stealable
N38 Dirk Nowitzki P.a.t.P. Stealable
B311 Edgar Martinez P.a.t.P. Stealable
B59 Jack Billingham P.a.t.P. Stealable
B236 Jason Varitek P.a.t.P. Stealable
B318 Michael Collins P.a.t.P. Stealable
B141 Miguel Tejada P.a.t.P. Stealable
B355 Nolan Ryan P.a.t.P. Stealable
B362 Ray Dandridge P.a.t.P. Stealable
N37 Steve Nash P.a.t.P. Stealable
F1 Troy Aikman P.a.t.P. Stealable
B345 Will Clark P.a.t.P. Stealable
B346 Will Clark P.a.t.P. Stealable
B301 Bo Jackson Fuji Locked
F75 NFC North Stickers Fuji Locked
B133 Tony Gwynn Fuji Locked
M4 Jim Everett Fuji Locked
B340 Mark McGwire Fuji Stealable
B119 Vince Coleman Fuji Stealable
B132 Tony Gwynn Fuji Stealable
B275 Eddie Collins Fuji Stealable
B356 Nolan Ryan Fuji Stealable
B338 Rickey Henderson Fuji Stealable
B30 Bob Horner Fuji Stealable
N9 Kobe Bryant Fuji Stealable
F10 Tim Brown Fuji Stealable
F22 Brett Favre Fuji Stealable
N53 James Worthy Fuji Stealable
B99 Greg Maddux Fuji Stealable
B255 Kirby Puckett Fuji Stealable
B125 Willie McGee Fuji Stealable
B100 Greg Maddux Fuji Stealable
F20 Donald Driver Fuji Stealable

Here's what's still available (apparently I overestimated how much people would want Andre Dawson...)

B47 "Oil Can" Boyd
B165 1952 World Series Game 1
B63 Adam Dunn
B184 Adam Jones
B323 Adam Kennedy
B128 Adam Wainwright
B152 Adrian Beltre
F69 Aeneas Williams
B361 AJ Burnett
B253 AJ Pierzynski
B272 Alan Trammell
B203 Alfonso Soriano
N19 Allan Houston
N48 Amare Stoudamire
B13 Andre Dawson
B50 Andre Dawson
B95 Andre Dawson
F37 Andre Johnson
N33 Andre Miller
B168 Andres Galarraga
B32 Andruw Jones
B115 Andy Van Slyke
B116 Andy Van Slyke
B22 Angel Pagan
F23 Antonio Freeman
F26 Antonio Gates
B114 Aramis Ramirez
B83 Astros Team Card
B206 Aubrey Huff
B363 Aubrey Huff
B194 Baltimore Orioles Team Card
N12 Baron Davis
B109 Barry Bonds
B175 Barry Bonds
B64 Barry Larkin
B182 Barry Zito
B344 Barry Zito
B91 Ben Sheets
B204 Bernie Williams
B247 Bert Blyleven
B316 Bert Blyleven
B82 Billy Wagner
B279 Bo Jackson
B110 Bobby Bonilla
B20 Bobby Bonilla
F21 Boomer Esiason
B302 Bret Saberhagen
B330 Brett Anderson
B196 Brett Gardner
B76 Brett Myers
B181 Brian Wilson
B367 Brock/Henderson
B193 Brooks Robinson
B191 Cal Ripken, Jr.
B192 Cal Ripken, Jr.
F38 Calvin Johnson
B288 Carlos Beltran
B217 Carlos Delgado
B169 Carlos Gonzalez
B265 Carlos Guillen
B75 Carlos Lee
B209 Carlos Pena
B210 Carlos Pena
B243 Carlos Santana
B107 Carlos Zambrano
N3 Carmelo Anthony
B337 Carney Lansford
F52 Carson Palmer
B242 CC Sabathia
B262 Cecil Fielder
B40 Chad Cordero
B151 Chad Tracy
N6 Charles Barkley
F25 Charlie Garner
B89 Charlie Moore
F66 Charlie Ward
B134 Chase Headley
B266 Chet Lemon
B33 Chipper Jones
B118 Chris Carpenter
F14 Chris Chandler
B90 Chris Narveson
N49 Chris Webber
N26 Christian Laettner
O12 Christine Suggs
B250 Chuck Knoblauch
B359 CJ Wilson
F45 Clay Matthews
B159 Clayton Kershaw
B86 Corey Hart
B136 Cory Luebke
B72 Craig Biggio
F12 Cris Carter
F13 Cris Carter
B149 Curt Schilling
B80 Curt Schilling
F43 Curtis Martin
F51 Curtis Painter
O4 Dale Hawerchuk
B336 Dan Haren
F54 Dan Reeves
B19 Dan Uggla
B144 Daniel Hudson
B305 Danny Tartabull
B166 Dante Bichette
B320 Darin Erstad
N32 Darius Miles
F29 Darrell Green
B24 Darryl Strawberry
B60 Dave Concepcion
B341 Dave Stewart
B205 Dave Winfield
B259 Dave Winfield
B347 David Dellucci
B122 David Freese
B241 David Justice
B34 David Justice
B317 Dean Chance
B202 Deion Sanders
B213 Delmon Young
N50 Delonte West
B334 Dennis Eckersley
N44 Dennis Rodman
B186 Denny Martinez
B54 Denny Martinez
N52 Deron Williams
B135 Derrek Lee
B14 Derrek Lee
B98 Derrek Lee
F63 Derrick Thomas
N45 Detleft Schrempf
B167 Dexter Fowler
F4 Dick Anderson
N54 Disembodied Iverson!!!
N51 Dominique Wilkins/Scottie Pippen
B198 Don Mattingly
B327 Don Sutton
N28 Donyell Marshall
B111 Doug Drabek
F7 Drew Bledsoe
F9 Drew Brees
B232 Dustin Pedroia
B275 Eddie Collins
F36 Edgerrin James
N8 Elton Brand
B61 Eric Davis
B158 Eric Karros
B342 Eric Sogard
B164 Fernando Valenzuela
B251 Francisco Liriano
B277 Frank Thomas/Adam Dunn
F73 Frank Wycheck
B137 Fred McGriff
B207 Fred McGriff
B27 Freddie Freeman/Jason Heyward
B315 Garret Anderson
F34 Garrison Hearst
B21 Gary Carter
B49 Gary Carter
B140 Gary Sheffield
B17 Gary Sheffield
B18 Gary Sheffield
O9 Geoff Bodine
N18 Grant Hill
B352 Greg Harris
B278 Gregory Infante
N40 Hakeem Olajuwon
B364 Hamilton/Cabrera/Mauer
B190 Hayden Penn
F65 Herschel Walker
B161 Hideo Nomo
F67 Hines Ward
B160 Hong-Chih Kuo
F76 Houston Texans
N23 Howard Jefferson
B78 Hunter Pence
B42 Ian Desmond
B314 Ichiro Suzuki
B353 Ivan Rodriguez
B281 Jack McDowell
B268 Jack Morris
B269 Jack Morris
F74 Jack Youngblood
F58 Jackie Slater
B224 Jacoby Ellsbury
F6 Jahvid Best
B139 Jake Peavy
F15 Jamaal Charles
N29 Jamal Mashburn
B211 James Shields
B108 Jason Bay
B46 Jason Bay
B335 Jason Giambi
B113 Jason Kendall
B36 Jason Marquis
B179 Jason Schmidt
F60 Jason Taylor
B35 Javy Lopez
B195 Jay Buhner
B306 Jay Buhner
B154 JD Drew
B70 Jeff Bagwell
B176 Jeff Kent
B219 Jeff Kent
B208 Jeff Niemann
B257 Jeff Reardon
B163 Jeff Shaw
O7 Jeff Sluman
B333 Jermaine Dye
B84 Jeromy Burnitz
B101 Jerry Morales
B120 Jim Edmonds
B319 Jim Edmonds
B234 Jim Rice
B7 Jimmy Rollins
B131 Joe Carter
B215 Joe Carter
F27 Joe Germaine
B69 Joey Votto
B258 Johan Santana
B276 John Danks
B221 John Olerud
B38 John Smoltz
B39 John Smoltz
N46 John Starks
B332 Johnny Damon
F31 Johnny Grier
B228 Jon Lester
B231 Jonathan Papelbon
O11 Jorge Campos
B331 Jose Canseco
B216 Jose Cruz/Roger Clemens
B67 Jose Rijo
B351 Josh Hamilton
B348 Juan Gonzalez
B349 Juan Gonzalez
B350 Juan Gonzalez
B143 Juan Gutierrez
B244 Julian Tavarez
F56 Junior Seau
B150 Junior Spivey
B312 Kaz Sasaki
F72 Kellen Winslow, Jr.
B73 Ken Caminiti
B74 Ken Caminiti
B307 Ken Griffey, Jr.
B324 Kendry Morales
B31 Kenny Lofton
B354 Kenny Rogers
B106 Kerry Wood
N15 Kevin Garnett
N16 Kevin Garnett
N31 Kevin McHale
F39 Keyshawn Johnson
B254 Kirby Puckett
B256 Kirby Puckett
B263 Kirk Gibson
N20 Kris Kardashian Humphries
B218 Kyle Drabek
F64 LaDainian Tomlinson
N39 Lamar Odom
N24 Larry Johnson
B174 Larry Walker
B57 Larry Walker
B235 Lee Smith
B41 Leonard Davis
B220 Lloyd Moseby
B12 Luis Castillo
B142 Luis Gonzalez
B271 Magglio Ordonez
B282 Magglio Ordonez
B233 Manny Ramirez
F2 Marcus Allen
B200 Mariano Rivera
B273 Mark Buehrle
B96 Mark Grace
B97 Mark Grace
B51 Mark Grudzielanek
B310 Mark Langston
B124 Mark Mulder
B148 Mark Reynolds
B357 Mark Teixeira
N22 Marko Jaric
F33 Marvin Harrison
F49 Marvin Minnis
B172 Matt Holliday
B270 Matt Nokes
B180 Matt Williams
F40 Maurice Jones-Drew
B25 Mets Team Card
B26 Mets Team Sticker
B248 Michael Cuddyer
B313 Michael Saunders
B360 Michael Young
B11 Miguel Cabrera
B260 Miguel Cabrera
B343 Miguel Tejada
F3 Mike Alstott
N7 Mike Bibby
B16 Mike Lowell
B229 Mike Lowell
B188 Mike Mussina
B23 Mike Piazza
B81 Mike Scott
N43 Mitch Richmond
B358 Mitch Williams
B328 Mo Vaughn
B117 Neil Walker
B43 Nick Johnson
B185 Nick Markakis
B79 Nolan Ryan
B227 Nomar Garciaparra
B246 Omar Vizquel
B156 Orel Hershiser
B145 Orlando Hudson
B127 Ozzie Smith
B178 Pablo Sandoval
F5 Pat Barnes
N13 Patrick Ewing
N17 Pau Gasol
O2 Paul Coffey
B280 Paul Konerko
O8 Paul Lawrie
B15 Paul LoDuca
B199 Paul O'Neill
N42 Paul Pierce
B121 Pedro Feliz
B123 Pedro Guerrero
B230 Pedro Martinez
B55 Pedro Martinez
F53 Peerless Price
N47 Peja Stojakovic
O5 Petr Klima
F11 Plaxico Burress
B189 Rafael Palmeiro
B65 Ramon Ortiz
B146 Randy Johnson
B309 Randy Johnson
F50 Randy Moss
N1 Ray Allen
F24 Rich Gannon
F17 Richard Dent
N14 Rick Fox
B105 Rick Sutcliffe
F68 Ricky Watters
F70 Ricky Williams
F71 Ricky Williams
B62 Rob Dibble
F32 Rob Gronkowski
O10 Robert Pressley
B130 Roberto Alomar
B214 Roberto Alomar
B237 Roberto Alomar
B92 Robin Yount
O1 Rod Brind'Amour
N4 Ron Artest
B94 Ron Cey
B28 Ron Gant
B3 Roy Halladay
F44 Ryan Mathews
B45 Ryan Zimmerman
B104 Sammy Sosa
B238 Sandy Alomar, Jr.
N11 Sasha Danilovic
B365 Schmidt/Rice
B249 Scott Erickson
B283 Scott Podsednik
N41 Shaquille O'Neal
B155 Shawn Green
N27 Shawn Marion
B366 Stargell/Justice
B274 Steve Carlton
F41 Steve Jordan
F47 Steve McNair
F59 Steve Tasker
B88 Teddy Higuera
F48 Terry Metcalf
B48 Tim Burke
B284 Tim Raines
B56 Tim Raines
B325 Tim Salmon
B326 Tim Salmon
F35 TJ Houshmandzadeh
B170 Todd Helton
B171 Todd Helton
F8 Tom Brady
B29 Tom Glavine
N2 Tony Allen
F28 Tony Gonzalez
O3 Tony Granato
F55 Tony Richardson
B322 Torii Hunter
N30 Tracy McGrady
B147 Travis Lee
F30 Trent Green
B173 Troy Tulowitzki/Carlos Gonzalez
F18 Ty Detmer
B222 Vernon Wells
B267 Victor Martinez
N10 Vince Carter
F61 Vinny Testaverde
F62 Vinny Testaverde
B321 Vladimir Guerrero
B52 Vladimir Guerrero
B53 Vladimir Guerrero
B223 Wade Boggs
B183 Will Clark/Kevin Mitchell
N5 William Avery
B289 Wilson Betemit
B44 Wilson Ramos
B102 Xavier Nady
B138 Xavier Nady
N34 Yao Ming
B58 Yonder Alonso
B85 Yovani Gallardo
B112 Zach Duke
B297 Zack Greinke
N21 Zydrunas Ilgauskas


  1. Heck yeah... love me some Chris Everett! Where's Rome when I need him?

    Thanks again for the contest... I wonder if and when the Horner will be taken.

  2. OK....I'm calling it. Uncle Moe is out of time and has been skipped (see original rules).'re on the clock!

  3. Oh so glad no one locked the Horner, had to have it for my rookie cup collection.

    B30 Bob Horner Fuji Stealable (lock)
    B172 Matt Holliday (lock)
    B174 Larry Walker (lock)
    B201 Phil Rizzuto Potch Stealable

    B59 Jack Billingham P.a.t.P. Stealable
    B166 Dante Bichette
    B170 Todd Helton
    B171 Todd Helton
    B112 Zach Duke

    B289 Wilson Betemit
    B271 Magglio Ordonez
    B90 Chris Narveson
    B60 Dave Concepcion
    B83 Astros Team Card

    B207 Fred McGriff
    B191 Cal Ripken, Jr.
    B192 Cal Ripken, Jr.
    B45 Ryan Zimmerman
    B275 Eddie Collins

    Thanx for a great contest.

  4. Howdy....I made a mistake. The Eddie Collins card was already taken by Fuji. I hadn't removed it from the available cards list -- it was in both the taken and available lists.. Please make one more pick.

    -Josh D.

  5. No worries it was just a flyer anyway.

    B165 1952 World Series Game 1

    That should do it.


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