Monday, December 12, 2011

Big Pile Contest Rules

POTCH is on the clock...

The 12 winners should each have received an email from me with this information...if you didn't, PLEASE contact me.

All of the cards up for grabs are listed on these pages:

We are going to pick these in a draft-style.  Here's the "official" rules and the process:

1) The first winner (Potch) will choose the 20 cards he wants from the pile to be his prize stack.
2) He will then declare 3 of them to be "Locked-In"...meaning that no one else can steal them, and they will be his to keep.

3) The second winner MAY steal one card from the first winner's stack that is not "Locked-In" if he chooses, but does not have to do so.
4) The second winner will then choose from the Big Pile until he has a TOTAL of 20 cards (including any he may have stolen).
5) The second winner will declare his 3 "Locked-In" cards.

6) Winners 3-12 proceed in the same manner as the second winner....they may steal one card from the prize stack of each of the previous winners if they want to (ie, Winner 6 could steal from Winner 1, Winner 2, Winner 3, Winner 4, Winner 5 if he wanted to, or any subset of those).  Then they select from the big pile until they have 20 cards, then declare their 3 "Locked-In" cards.

This will get us through the first 200+ cards.  After this phase, we will deal with the leftovers in a manner TBD.

7) Timing: You will have 24 hours to pick after the previous person picks.  The clock will start when I send you a notification email.  Potch is first....I will give him until the end of Tuesday to pick.

8) Missed Picks:  If you miss your pick, we will skip over you.  You can jump back in at any point later, but you will not be allowed to steal from anyone else -- you would just pick 20 cards from the pile.  If you don't re-pick before the last person picks, I will contact one of the alternates and let them pick.

9)  Mystery Cards:  Cannot be stolen, so they are effectively "Locked-In" even though they don't count as one of your three that you are allowed.

10)  Anything else that needs announcing I will make up as we go.  :-)

Here is the draft order:
1 Potch
2 Eric L
3 dawgbones
4 Play at the Plate
5 Fuji
6 Uncle Moe
7 hiflew
8 AdamE
9 Angels in Order
10 Napkin Doon
11 arpsmith
12 Matt - Tenets of Wilson


  1. This contest is extremely complicated...I love it.

  2. I sent this via email before I saw that you wanted it here, so here goes:

    F46 Ed McCaffrey 1999 Edge 38
    F57 Shannon Sharpe 1998 Bowman's Best 91
    B290 George Brett 1993 Leaf 146
    B291 George Brett 1993 Donruss Studio 25
    B292 George Brett 1993 Fleer Ultra 206
    B293 George Brett 1991 Upper Deck 525
    B294 John Buck 2008 Upper Deck 256
    B295 Billy Butler 2009 Topps T206 162
    B296 Lorenzo Cain 2011 Topps 533
    B298 Luke Hochevar 2009 Topps T206 68
    B299 Alex Gordon 2009 Goudey 85
    B300 Alex Gordon 2007 Turkey Red 29
    B301 Bo Jackson 1987 Topps 170
    B303 Joakim Soria 2009 Goudey 84
    B304 Mike Sweeney 2005 Fleer National Pastime 25
    N25 Jason Kidd 2006 Topps T1952 Style 83
    N36 Chris Mullin 1997-1998 Bowman's Best 53
    F16 Terrell Davis 2001 Fleer Legacy 45
    F19 Tony Dorsett 2001 Topps Archives 158
    O6 Jocelyn Thibault 1995-1996 Emotion Hockey 43 "Icy"
    O7 Jeff Sluman 2001 Upper Deck Golf 191 Tour Time
    O8 Paul Lawrie 2001 Upper Deck Golf 41


  3. Also, my list in in order of preference. I over picked in case anyone in front of me locks in any cards that I may have wanted. I'll lock my top three choices.

  4. This is awesome... can't wait until my turn! Thanks again for this sweet contest!

  5. Thanks again. Sent you an e-mail with this information and more. Posting here as well:

    1. (locked) B226 Carlton Fisk
    2. (locked) B339 Reggie Jackson
    3. (locked) B153 Ron Cey

    4. B30 Bob Horner
    5. B37 Dale Murphy
    6. B66 Tony Perez
    7. B71 Lance Berkman
    8. B93 Ernie Banks
    9. B157 Burt Hooton
    10. B177 Willie McCovey
    11. B187 Eddie Murray
    12. B201 Phil Rizzuto
    13. B261 Mark Fidrych
    14. B264 Hank Greenberg
    15. B285 Frank Thomas
    16. B286 Frank Thomas
    17. B287 Frank Thomas
    18. B308 Felix Hernandez
    19. B329 Hoyt Wilhelm
    20. (locked) M7 Mystery Pick

  6. All righty then, had to adjust my picks as Potch locked in two of my initial selections, Eric has nothing in his list that I am interested in, so:

    1. B1 Bobby Abreu 2005 Bowman 58
    2. B2 Lenny Dykstra 1991 Classic 133
    3. (locked) B4 Ryan Howard 2006 Bowman 57 Gold
    4. B5 Gary Matthews 1982 Fleer 249
    5. B6 Scott Rolen 2011 Fleer Tradition 17 DT Diamond Tributes
    6. B8 Curt Schilling 1995 Donruss 205
    7. B9 Mitch Williams 1992 Pinnacle 406
    8. B10 Hammers and Nails 1993 Upper Deck 485
    9. (locked) B77 Roy Oswalt 2006 Bowman Gold 139 Gold
    10. B103 Ryne Sandberg 1992 Topps Kids 1
    11. B162 Mike Piazza 1993 Triple Play 55
    12. (locked) B197 Catfish Hunter 1987 Donruss Highlights 19
    13. B212 BJ Upton 2009 Upper Deck GN8 Generation Now

    (Locked by Potch) 14. B226 Carlton Fisk 1974 Topps 105
    14. B126 Rogers Hornsby 1987 Hygrade All Time Greats

    15. B239 Ray Fosse 1977 Topps 267
    16. B240 Travis Hafner 2005 Leaf AT24 Alternate Threads
    17. B245 Jim Thome 2002 Fleer Ultra 81
    18. B252 Justin Morneau 2006 Bowman 35 Gold
    19. N35 Alonzo Mourning 1993-1994 Upper Deck 468 Skylights

    (Locked by Potch) 20. M7 ???
    20. (locked) M10 ???

  7. Wow! These selections are coming in fast-and-furious!

    Play-at-the-Plate, you can select if you want...otherwise I will make a post after work showing the status on what is taken/available, and I will post what the mystery picks are, too. You won't be on-the-clock until I post that and send you an email.

  8. I'll have to rework my list. That Fisk was my number 1 choice. I'll post it tonight when I get to work.

  9. My picks are:

    1. B239 Ray Fosse (steal from Dawgbones) and locking up
    2. B87 Mike Hershberger--locking up
    3. B225 Mike Fiore--locking up
    4. B30 Bob Horner (steal from Potch)
    5. B345 Will Clark
    6. B141 Miguel Tejada
    7. B68 Bip Roberts patp
    8. N38 Dirk Nowitzki
    9. B59 Jack Billingham
    10. B129 Carl Warwick
    11. B236 Jason Varitek
    12. B311 Edgar Martinez
    13. B346 Will Clark
    14. F1 Troy Aikman
    15. F42 Dan Marino
    16. N37 Steve Nash
    17. B318 Michael Collins
    18. B355 Nolan Ryan
    19. B362 Ray Dandridge
    20. M2 mystery


  10. My Picks:

    B301 Bo Jackson Eric L Stealable (LOCKED)
    F75 NFC North Stickers (LOCKED)
    LB133 Tony Gwynn (LOCKED)
    M4 Mystery Card
    B119 Vince Coleman 1985 Donruss 54
    B132 Tony Gwynn 1991 Classic 156
    B340 Mark McGwire 1991 Classic 131
    B338 Rickey Henderson 1990 Topps 450
    B275 Eddie Collins 1993 Cracker Jack Reprints 17 1915 Mini
    B356 Nolan Ryan 1990 Starline 13
    B30 Bob Horner P.a.t.P. Stealable
    N9 Kobe Bryant 2000-2001 Heritage 125
    F10 Tim Brown 2001 Playoff Honors 43
    F22 Brett Favre 1994 Fleer Ultra 107
    N53 James Worthy 1992-1993 Upper Deck P21 McDonald’s Edition
    B99 Greg Maddux 2006 Bowman 66
    B255 Kirby Puckett 1987 Donruss 149
    B125 Willie McGee 1987 Sportflics 91
    B100 Greg Maddux 1991 Classic 68
    F20 Donald Driver 2009 Philadelphia 74

    Thanks for the contest, Josh!


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