Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big Pile - Part 1 - NL East

...And the Pile keeps on growing...

At first I was going to just show all the cards in one ginormous post.  Once I realized how ridiculous that would be, I figured I would cut it in two.  Now I've cut it down to a reasonable level...the division-level for baseball.  I had no idea how big the pile was getting as I kept throwing other cards onto it.  To get a view for how many cards we are talking about here, take what you see below, multiply it by about 6, add some football, some basketball, and then a little other stuff...craziness.  That's what's taking so long on the scanning/posting.

So, without further ado...Here is the NL EAST portion of the pile.

ID # Player Set Card # Other

B1 Bobby Abreu 2005 Bowman 58
B2 Lenny Dykstra 1991 Classic 133
B3 Roy Halladay 2011 Topps 359
B4 Ryan Howard 2006 Bowman 57 Gold
B5 Gary Matthews 1982 Fleer 249
B6 Scott Rolen 2011 Fleer Tradition 17 DT Diamond Tributes
B7 Jimmy Rollins 2002 MLB Showdown O43
B8 Curt Schilling 1995 Donruss 205
B9 Mitch Williams 1992 Pinnacle 406

B10 Hammers and Nails 1993 Upper Deck 485
B11 Miguel Cabrera 2006 Bowman 194
B12 Luis Castillo 2002 MLB Showdown O28
B13 Andre Dawson 1995 Stadium Club 578
B14 Derrek Lee 2002 Topps 244
B15 Paul LoDuca 2005 Topps 539
B16 Mike Lowell 2005 Turkey Red 234
B17 Gary Sheffield 1998 Topps Finest 25
B18 Gary Sheffield 1996 Topps 80

B19 Dan Uggla 2007 Fleer Ultra 69
B20 Bobby Bonilla 1992 Pinnacle 395
B21 Gary Carter 1990 Donruss 147
B22 Angel Pagan 2011 Topps 207
B23 Mike Piazza 2002 MLB Showdown S2 Clutch Hitting
B24 Darryl Strawberry 1988 Donruss MVP BC-20
B25 Mets Team Card 2011 Topps 157
B26 Mets Team Sticker 1990 Fleer N/A
B27 Freddie Freeman/Jason Heyward 2011 Topps DD-HF Diamond Duos

B28 Ron Gant 1991 Classic 123
B29 Tom Glavine 1999 HologrFx 9
B30 Bob Horner 1979 Topps 586
B31 Kenny Lofton 1997 Upper Deck SA10 Star Attractions-Die Cut
B32 Andruw Jones 1998 Donruss Preferred 180 Preferred Power
B33 Chipper Jones 2002 Fleer Ultra 10
B34 David Justice 1992 Pinnacle 620
B35 Javy Lopez 1998 Topps Finest 86
B36 Jason Marquis 1997 Bowman 401

B37 Dale Murphy 2001 Topps American Pie 18
B38 John Smoltz 1990 Topps Minis 47 Mini
B39 John Smoltz 1997 UD Collector's Choice 265
B40 Chad Cordero 2007 Upper Deck 468
B41 Leonard Davis 2006 Bowman Chrome BC109
B42 Ian Desmond 2011 Topps 308
B43 Nick Johnson 2005 Turkey Red 31
B44 Wilson Ramos 2011 Topps Heritage 167
B45 Ryan Zimmerman 2008 UD Baseball Heroes 173

B46 Jason Bay 2002 Topps 326
B47 "Oil Can" Boyd 1991 Classic 9
B48 Tim Burke 1990 Topps Minis 61
B49 Gary Carter 1992 Pinnacle 321
B50 Andre Dawson 2011 60 Years of Topps 60YOT-30
B51 Mark Grudzielanek 1995 Flair 376
B52 Vladimir Guerrero 2002 MLB Showdown O33
B53 Vladimir Guerrero 2002 Fleer Ultra 27
B54 Denny Martinez 1992 Topps 15
B55 Pedro Martinez 1995 Flair 164
B56 Tim Raines 1988 Donruss All-Star 57
B57 Larry Walker 1991 Score Rising Star 21

I think I have email addresses for all the winners.  I'll send emails (in addition to posting) once the drafting starts.

Up next....NL Central.

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