Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Male Pattern Baldness - The Frankenset

Before you shoot down this idea, know that it came to me in a dream.  This came to me in an honest-to-goodness real nighttime dream.  In my dream...I was a blogger.  A card blogger.  Tough to believe, I know.  A card blogger who gained internet fame, credibility, and notoriety by creating a very unique Frankenset.  The Male Pattern Baldness Frankenset.

This is what I dream about.  This is the best that my subconscious can come up with.  It's so sad.

So, if I decided to put this together, what balding, thinning, aging gentlemen would I put in it?  How about a Hall-of-Famer?
1965 Topps Warren Spahn #205
What about some Miami Dolphins?

1976 Topps Garo Yepremian #435

1976 Topps Manny Fernandez #194
Basketball is not immune from baldness and combovers...
2006 Topps Brian Cardinal
2007 Donruss Extra Edition Gene Keady
Neither is soccer.
Kasey Keller Panini

Bobby Charlton Match Attax

What about tennis?  There hasn't been anyone to go bald from that sport has there?

Oh yeah.

I'm beginning to think that making this set is a bad idea.  A very bad idea. 

So it's a no-go.  My better judgment says to stay as far away from these chrome domes as I can.  What is the farthest thing possible away from these guys?

1999 Upper Deck Carlos Valderrama #CV
I think that should be a safe pick.

What say you -- did I miss any notorious baldness sufferers?


  1. You missed the two most obvious, in Harmon Killebrew and Matt Williams.

  2. You should do the baldness set. That would be epic!!!

  3. I think that while difficult to complete, that may be a cool set to collect. I can't think of any other follicly challenged players at this time though. Maybe Gordie Howe?


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