Monday, January 16, 2012

I Got Fuji-fied!

Last month San Jose Fuji was one of the winners of my Big Pile Contest.  He posted his haul on his site already.  (I just noticed that I WAS NOT following Fuji!  Huge mistake.

Well, he was awesome and sent me a very unexpected Thank You present.  First off...I got the Fuji trader card (above).  Way cool.

He also sent these beauties:

On-card autos of Tom Gordon, Mike Macfarlane, and Kevin Appier.  These cards are from the 1991 Kansas City Life Insurance cards set.  They are taller than a regular card, so these will not go in the standard pages...I'll have to find another way to show them off.  Fuji apologized that the Appier was a little bent up, but I think these guys are GREAT!!!  As three guys on the teams of my youth, these are way more treasured by me than anything I would buy in the store today.

Thank you so much, Fuji!!!

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  1. Hey Josh... I'm glad I was able to find the perfect home for these. Take good care of them for me ;-)


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