Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Cheesiest Trade Ever - Most Wanted List Success!

Chris over at Nachos Grande was running his regular Trade Stack feature, and I decided to go for it.  I was shooting for the Carlos Beltran there, and I got it.  But when I looked at NG's trade bait, I saw something else there...
That's the DeJesus card I wanted! It was on my Top 10 and everything!

So I fired an email off to Chris asking if I could get the DeJesus, too.  I had a Barry Larkin purple Classic card to offer.  He was cool with that, so I popped it in the envelope, too...And now I've got it!  That's the first one to cross off of my Most Wanted List.

Here is the Beltran that I really wanted from the Trade Stack, too.  He must have covered a LOT of ground to get to that ball.

2001 Stadium Club #146 - Carlos Beltran

There were a couple of Topps Town cards in there, too.

Thanks, Chris!

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