Monday, January 30, 2012

Warner on the Way

Kurt Warner - 2011 Topps Super Bowl Legends Giveaway Die-Cut - #SB-29

For those unfamiliar with Topps Football Cards, Topps has been running the "Super Bowl Legends Giveaway" this year, which was somewhat similar to the baseball Diamond Giveaway (aka, the Transmogrifier).  The die-cuts are all of Super Bowl Legends (obviously).  I had several code cards from the hobby box I opened at the beginning of the season which I finally got around to entering. 

Most of them were duds, but one of my last codes yielded this guy:
Ottis Anderson - 2011 Topps Super Bowl Legends Giveaway Due-Cut - #SB-25
Ottis was cool...but probably not cool enough for me to spend the $2.92 required to ship him.  So I tried trading him.  I wanted one card.   Kurt Warner.  So I figured it would take me a few trades to get to that.  Nobody was biting on Ottis.  I was resigned to my fate. 

But this week...what should appear in my inbox but a trade result.  Not only had I traded Ottis for SOMETHING...anything!...I traded him for MR. KURT WARNER HIMSELF.  1-to-1.  Straight up.  I was ecstatic.  So ecstatic that I requested shipping right away.  He will be mine!

So that is the end of my transmogrifying for this year.  Hopefully Ottis will find himself a loving home...


  1. Congratulations on pulling off the trade of the century. I'd take Warner over Anderson anyday of the week. These cards are pretty cool. Might have to track down the Starrs, the Howard, and the Rodgers.

  2. Wow, congrats! That is a very sharp looking Warner card. Very envious.


    The one on Ebay has a Buy-it-Now of $25. Prices for these are all over the map...largely dependent on the player.


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