Monday, January 16, 2012

Sewing Machine Guy HOOKED ME UP - Football Style

Not the "REAL" Sewing Machine Guy....
Late last year I responded to the Want-List of the Sewing Machine Guy and sent him a Jason Castro along with a miscellaneous stack of Tigers, Lions, and Pistons.  I sent about 2-3 team bags worth of stuff to him.

So then I got a package back from him.  It was a BOX with six team bags worth coming back to me.  He hooked me UP!

It's too much stuff for one post, so I'm just posting the football here.  SMG paid very close attention to my want-lists (on the right ------->).

He started off by showing me some Kurt Warner love:
2006 Score, 2006 Topps, 2006 Heritage Kurt Warner
 Then TEEEEEEEEEEEEEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!  That Topps Magic set is sweet.

2010 Upper Deck, 2010 Topps Magic, 2010 Topps 52 Insert Tim Tebow
A couple of Iowa State alums...
2008 Topps Sage Rosenfels #29 and 2007 Topps Seneca Wallace #40

Men of the Foot!

Chip Lohmiller, Neil Rackers, Matt Bahr, Sebastian Janikowski

And 3 (ex-) coaches...The Mike Smith card is way thick.
Tony Sparano, Mike Smith, John Madden
These were exceptional, SMG.  I am SOOO happy.  There's still a huge stack of baseball to post....but those will have to wait until tomorrow.

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