Friday, January 6, 2012

Grab Bag Contents

I posted yesterday about my grab-bag....

It was only 50 cents!  How could I lose?!?!  Here's what we got.  It was 30 cards in total...I'm showing half of them.

Verlander Chrome, Berkman Goodwin Champions, Dmitri Young.  That's a nice start.

 I bought this in Minnesota, so they had to include some Twins!  That last guy, Frank Pastore, has one of the top-rated Christian radio programs in the country.  It's big in Los Angeles on KKLA.

 3 Kirbys!  He looks pretty tired in that first one, but luckily he perked up by 1991.

 A few more oldies.  Can anyone tell me what Todd Worrell is doing in that card?  I've had it since I was 7 years old, but don't know if he is pitching, following-through, fielding, or what!

There were a few newer ones in there, too.  I like the ToppsTown stuff, and especially like the looks on the SP Authentic cards.  The design on those is outstanding.

Finally...what was in the hard case?   A.....rabbit and a turtle??

2010 Topps Tribute GR-100, Tortoise vs. Hare
This is from the "Greatest Rivalries" subset of 2010 Topps Tribute.  I had never seen this card before, so I was STUNNED when I saw this. This is a baseball card?  How awesome is that!!  The scan doesn't show it, but it's SHINY, too.  This was my prize.  50 cents was a small price for one that cool.

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  1. Not bad for 50 cents. A nice mixture of older and newer stuff. I kinda like the Tortoise vs. Hare card.


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