Friday, May 23, 2014

Ike Knows Accounting

In the last post we saw that Bo Knows Shoes.  But he's not the only one who knows something -- consider Mr. Ike Harris.

1979 Topps Ike Harris - #257
Now Ike looks like your typical "dumb-jock," right?  Fast legs, but not too much going on upstairs?  Surely that's the case.  Let's check out the back of his card...

HE'S A CPA, BABY!!!!  Putting all that Iowa State book-learnin' to good use.

So if he's a WR and a CPA, that means he knows about:
  • Bubble Screens and Tax Liens
  • Hook-and-Go's and Cash Flows
  • Exercising and Amortizing
  • Acceleration and Depreciation
  • "Caught It!" and "Audit!"
We tip our cap to you, Ike Harris.  A real-man of genius.

(Are there any more good football/accounting rhymes that I missed?)

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