Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Your Newest Card Collecting Compatriot

2014 Topps Opening Day - OD Stars - Bryce Harper

I hope none of you needed this card.  It came from an 2014 Opening Day blaster I bought this week.  But I didn't open this pack.  This pack belongs to my 4-year-old son, James.  It's his very first pack of cards.  He only knew the Royals players before this (and he knows who Jackie Robinson is), but he thought that this Bryce Harper lenticular card looked pretty neat.

However, that wasn't his favorite card in the pack.  It was this one:
2014 Topps Opening Day - James Paxton
When he looked at it, he didn't say anything at first. Then he read the letters out loud. "J.  A.  M.  E.  S. James!  We have the same name!"

Per his request, both of these cards are now in top-loaders and (blue) taped to the wall next to his bed.  None of the other cards in the pack interested him.  I guess CC Sabathia, Ben Revere, and Todd Helton don't hold the kids' interest as much these days.

I'm hoping that this will be the seed to start a long, enjoyable time for him in "the hobby."  That means now I will have to add a new thing to my want-list:  "Cards of guys named James."  Those should be pretty easy to find.   My little baby is named "Ellis," so if you can set aside some of your Ellis Burks overproduction-era product for him, I'd appreciate that, too.  I won't need it for about 3-5 years :-)

Are any of your kids into card collecting?  How did you go about encouraging that?


  1. My 5-year old has a little card collection of probably 300-400 cards. We watch football together and he would always cheer against my team (the Broncos). I told him he needed to pick a favorite team, so I let him look through my cards after removing all of the Dallas Cowboys from the stack. I may let him grow his hair out and stay up late, but I'm not raising a Cowboys fan. He chose the Bengals because he likes the color orange (he is named after the comic book character The Thing, who has rocky orange skin). I gave him a bunch of Bengals cards as well as some doubles from other teams. He makes sure to put any Broncos cards in the middle of the stack so they can't be seen from either end. He also chose the Diamondbacks as a favorite baseball team because he liked their logo, so I gave him a couple handfuls of doubles from that team, too. I don't know how into the cards he is, but I think he enjoys the interaction we have when we sort through our collections and look at our cards together.

    1. Awesome! (That was smart to take the Cowboys out...can you imagine having to buy him a Tony Romo jersey? I think I would faint.)


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