Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bo Knows Shoes

1) If you've been into baseball for awhile, then you know that Bo Jackson could break his bats over his knee.

2) If you've been into baseball cards for awhile, then you know that Score made a card of Bo breaking bats over his knee.

1991 Score - "Bo Breaker" - Bo Jackson

3) If you've been into sneakers for awhile, you know that now there is a sneaker of Bo Jackson breaking bats over his knee.

Wait?  What?  A sneaker of Bo breaking a bat???  Yes.  Yes it exists.

Nike recently made this sneaker.  Here's their website.

Here's the tops:

And here's the bottoms:

Currently the ones on Ebay in my size are going for over $250.  I guess that means I won't be buying any of them.  I guess I'll have to get my 8-bit Bo Jackson fix in some other way.  Tecmo Bowl anyone?


  1. I have three pairs of recent Bo Jackson releases, but I wasn't able to get a pair of these. I may break down and pay the eBay scalpers at some point, though, because these ones are awesome.

    1. They are awesome....what other pairs do you have?

  2. Damn. Wish I knew these were coming out. I have a friend who's a shoe collector with connections. Oh well... I guess it's for the better. Now that I've crossed into my 40's... it'd be hard for me to pull off. I'm off to play some Tecmo too!

    1. I would definitely be wearing these everywhere. And putting my feet up in random locations so strangers could read my shoes.


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