Saturday, September 15, 2012

History of the World Part III

History rolls on.  More "Minds" and more "Turning Points" from a Zistle trade.  These came from bdlehman18.  I did a report on genetics in 8th grade, and Mr. Mendel featured prominently in it.  Anyone feel like making some Punnett Squares??

Georges Clemenceau and Norman Borlaug.  Together at last.

Iowan-born Wyatt Earp.  Frederick Douglass always looked mad.  I guess he had a rough life, but would it kill a guy to smile once in awhile?

2008 Allen & Ginter World Leaders - Ehud Olmert
I was not collecting in 2008, so I have not seen any of these before.  I got Israel.  I'm not familiar with Olmert...he must have been the leader between Bibi Netanyahu and......Bibi Netanyahu.

Here are some Olympians from my youth.  Kerri Strug is the sister of Kippy Strug. 

And finally, this is the most fundamental card I received.  I don't want to sound negative...I'm really charged that I got this one.  It's shocking, really.

2009 Allen and Ginter - Electron


  1. That Kerri/Kippy bit was brilliant on SNL.

    1. When you were up there, I said a little prayer.

      You said a little prayer?

      Yeah, I said a little prayer. :-)


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