Thursday, September 13, 2012

History of the World, Part II

Look out, Christopher Columbus!  Martin Luther is burning indulgences and John Hancock is going quill-pen CRAY-ZAY!

These all came to me from Blogger-of-the-Year, Night Owl.  I had been begging him for the "Reformation" card, and he finally relented and sent it my way.  :-)  Gotta get my fill of Reformation History.  As they say, "I've got 95 Theses, but a Pope ain't one."  Go ahead and watch that video.  I'll wait.  (Shout-out to Johann Guttenberg)

In his abundant generosity, NO sent me two more of the Historical Turning Points cards seen below.

That is not the mental image I have of the Berlin Wall coming down.  My mental snapshot is all the people on top of it during that first wave of history.  By the time the cranes came around, the "turning point" was over and industrious businessmen were selling the wall chunks to Americans for 20 bucks a pop. 

He tossed in one Royal (this blog isn't just called "Randoms", after all), and Iowan pitcher Joel Hanrahan doing his best Bo Jackson impression.

Yep.  I see the resemblance.  :-)

Thanks, Night Owl!!!


  1. what would be in a movie with that title, i wonder?


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