Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Drafts from the Past

I mentioned in my last post that I had entered Jaybarkerfan's Card Draft #2.  I got a bunch of other goodies from that one, but just wanted to show off some more of them.

Let's start with a couple of NFL relics...DeAngelo Williams and a nice red swatch of Marcell Dareus.

Swatch Supremacy - DeAngelo Williams

2011 Bowman Sterling Relic - Marcell Dareus
I got a couple of history cards from Mayo Cut Plug...Booker T Washington and Gugliermo Marconi.  Is Mayo basically the football version of Ginter?

There was also some fun, fun vintage football in this draft.  NOBODY else was taking it, so I had my pick of it.  I can see a little bit of both Eli and Peyton in Archie's youthful face.

And finally, an XFractor of a wrestler dressed as an Indian?  YES PLEASE.  This guy is "Chief Jay Strongbow."  Never heard of him, but I couldn't pass that up, especially as a late-round pick.
2008 Allen and Ginter WWE - XFractor - Chief Jay Strongbow


  1. Correct about mayo, same concept with rip cards too

  2. Replies
    1. If you come across any good Royals relics/autos, let's talk. :-)

  3. I remember Chief Jay. But holy crap, that card is UGLY.

    1. I think the scan doesn't help it much....I don't think it's that bad in person. It mostly looks like a shiny Ginter.


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