Saturday, September 22, 2012

3 Cards a Week Habit

I got an unexpected envelope this week from Robert at $30/Week Habit. We had talked about a trade awhile ago, but it somehow got put on the back-burner.  It was great getting stuff from him that I needed, and I packed up a return package with some "Insanity" cards and Jays that he has already posted.  Here's three highlights:
2012 Topps - Walmart Blue Parallel - Salvador Perez

Salvador Perez has been excellent at catcher this year for KC (once he got off the DL).  As I mentioned before, I don't have access to Walmart or their delicious blue parallels, so it was a very nice treat to see this in the package.  Looks like the two blue parallels I have for 2012 are Perez and Brayan Pena -- both catchers.  Maybe I should mix in another position on that....

2008 UD Baseball Heroes - Charcoal - Luke Hochevar - #259/399
Oddly enough, this card was for sale on COMC at some earlier time.  I know that because when I looked it up on Zistle, I came up with a picture this specific card!

2011 Allen and Ginter - Portraits of Penultimacy - Sancho Panza
I was just telling my wife last week, "I really need more squire cards.  My 'page' and 'second' binders are nearly full, but my 'squire' binder is pretty sparse."  I'm glad to add this in with my Squire Trelawney in there.

Thanks, Robert!!  It is all much-appreciated.


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    1. Indeed! The blue parallels with the Royals colors always look extra sharp, too.


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