Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shiny Stuff from Sunny SoCal

2013 Topps Spring Fever - SF-21 - Salvador Perez
Look at that card.  Shiny.  Sunny.  Palm trees.  I can almost feel the ocean breezes wafting my way.  It must be spring!  Even though this card is of a Royal, it's definitely got a "California Vibe" to it.  That must have been infused by it's previous owner, Mr. ArpSmith.  He's a resident of Orange County (aka "The OC"), and even though he is in the Angels' backyard, he's a Giants fan.  Luckily for me, that means he has no use for any of these Royals...and two recent packages yielded these goodies.

That Salvy is the prettiest card he sent over.  The next best is this Aaron Crow parallel.  As always, the Wal-Mart blue borders look awesome with the KC powder-blue uniforms.

2013 Topps - Wal-Mart Blue Parallel - #213 - Aaron Crow
These emerald ones are weird.  Don't like the green + blue + yellow + white.  Yuck.  We've got Jeremy Guthrie for the next 3 years, so hopefully he can keep up the level of play to what it was in the 2nd half of last season.

2013 Topps - Emerald Parallel - #289 - Jeremy Guthrie
The last thing he sent me was the result of his question, "Do you need a Juan Gonzalez relic card?"  I responded honestly..."Nobody needs a Juan Gone relic card...especially one of him in a Royals jersey.  However, I do not have one."

I do now.  Thanks, Arpsmith!

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  1. Glad you got the cards and thanks for taking the Juan Gone off my hands. I actually bought it at my LCS to include in a Rangers trade package then got home and realized he was in a Royals uni.

    Thanks for the trade!


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