Friday, June 7, 2019

Dennis Leonard

This showed up in my mailbox yesterday via a PWE trade on the TCDB.  And all it cost me was a few recent Topps cards and a stamp!

Career Stats on these guys:
Pat Darcy: 0 WAR
Hank Webb:  0 WAR
Tom Underwood: 10 WAR
Dennis Leonard:  25 WAR (and he had the best mustache, to boot!)

It was nice to add Dennis Leonard's rookie card to my Royals collection.  I don't think he is remembered much outside of Kansas City fans, but he played 12 seasons between 1974-1986, all with KC.  He is the team's all-time leader in Complete Games and is a member of the "Royals Hall of Fame".

He doesn't get much love in the hobby, either -- there have not been any new cards of him since a 2007 Stadium Giveaway set.  He's the perfect guy for a set like Hometown Heroes, and I hope he gets included in any future iterations of that. 

Does anyone else out there remember Dennis Leonard?


  1. Oh, sure. I liked the George Brett era Royals. Leonard was a very good pitcher.

  2. Nope, his name is new to me.

  3. Totally remember Leonard. I remember Underwood too.


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