Sunday, May 5, 2019

Gold Screws, Gold Borders, Gold Tebow

I have been doing almost all of my trading lately on the Trading Card Database.  With my limited time and trading inventory now, I've got to be a little more surgical in what I am giving and getting in any deal.  Ideally, I would dump stuff I didn't care about to get something I REALLY wanted.  That sort of deal recently presented itself with user hafengr.  He wanted around 100 base cards from 2013 Topps Football, and I had my eye on a Tim Tebow rookie card -- but not just any card, the GOLD parallel card.  Sure, there are 2,000 of these out there, but that didn't make any of them particularly cheap to get

I sent first, and nearly sent his cards to his local cemetery.  If someone's address is "48B Main Street", don't send his cards to "488 Main Street", OK?  Just don't.  Luckily my postman alerted me that 488 wasn't a valid address so I double-checked it at the PO counter and borrowed his Sharpie to fix it. Otherwise all my football cards would be sitting there amongst the headstones.

Once his side showed up, I though the envelope felt a little heavy for just one card (and wondered why he put it in a bubble mailer instead of a top-loader + PWE.  When I opened it, the item above dropped out.  Not only was it the gold-bordered parallel, but it was in a gold Screwdown holder with gold screws!  I have never seen a card so well-coordinated with it's surroundings.  I had no idea there were different colors available besides clear and black, but I gotta admit I like the look on it and will probably leave it in there for now until I have a good reason to pull it out of there.

Do any of you guys have any colored screw-down holders?  Pics or it didn't happen.  :-)


  1. None of my PC cards are held in screwdowns anymore. Made the transition to toploaders a few years ago to save space. Gotta admit... the gold Tebow looks really cool inside of that gold screwdown with gold screws.

  2. I have never seen such a thing before! Looks great though, almost like it was some sort of premium/redemption. I hadn't seen that Tebow card before either, now I kind of want one, not because it's his rookie, but just because it looks really cool (maybe a little less so outside of that holder though).


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